Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Lala doesn’t allow Randheer and Amrit’s marriage – “”

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Randheer’s mother meeting Kiranbala. She looks at her and then at Randheer. She tells Rajrani that she trusts Randheer and her husband’s choice so she hadn’t even seen her picture but she loved her name a lot. Before she can take Amrit’s name, Kiranbala interrupts her since she knows that Randheer’s mother believes she is Amrit, the one whom she thinks her son is going to marry.


Abdul is going to give milk to Randheer and there is Amrit’s letter under his glass. Mogar knows that and distracts Abdul and takes the letter. Abdul gives the milk to Randheer and realizes he lost the letter. Mogar reads it and decides to use it in her favour at the right time. Abdul informs Amrit about the letter getting missed and she gets worried wondering what will happen if Lala gets the letter.

On the other hand, Abrar offers juice to Farooq who insists to meet Vashma so that he can apologize to her. He is in hurry since he has to leave for some work. Abrar says that he will go to find Vashma and bring her.


Vashma is with Uday who says that on their side they exchange garlands in wedding while on her side they say “qubool hai”; they cannot choose their religion but they can choose the one to love. He says that they will make their own rituals exchanging garlands and saying “qubool hai” as well. They exchange garlands and he asks if she accepts him. She replies qubool hai. He says qubool hai too. She kisses his hands and repeats qubool hai. Uday kisses her forehead. Uday says that they are united forever since now onwards. The two hug and Vashma wishes she could live her whole life like this. Uday assures her that no wall can come between them and separate them. Abrar is searching for Vashma. Uday says that they will beg their families but will never get separated.Vashma repeats with him that they won’t ever get separated and then hugs him again.

Vashma and Uday wince hearing Abrar calling Vashma. The latter gets very tensed and asks Uday to hide. He does that unwillingly. Vashma opens the door a bit and starts pretending to try breaking the ice. Abrar comes and asks what she is doing there. Vashma says that she is trying to break the ice needed to put in juice. Abrar notices her messy look and asks what happened. She blames the ice. Abrar breaks it. Vashma says that she will tell Zara to get it. Abrar suspiciously asks what took her so long just to break the ice. Vashma says that she isn’t as strong as him. Abrar takes her away. Vashma wonders if Amrit got chance to talk with Randheer and tell him that he is going to get engaged with Kiranbala. Uday peeks out of the storeroom. He doesn’t notice that one of Vashma’s earring is stuck with his sleeve.


Meanwhile, Randheer is about to wash his hands. Amrit comes and helps him. They share eye lock while title track plays. Randheer says that thankfully it is not their wedding day but engagement since his mother says that if guy and girl meet before wedding… nothing inauspicious happen. He chuckles. He notices Amrit and the moon’s reflect in the water and says that it seems like the moon has fallen in love with her and is now burning getting jealous of him. Amrit cries. He gets worried and asks for the reason but, before Amrit can reveal anything, Bhanu comes to call Randheer. Bhanu notices Amrit’s tears too and asks her what happened. She lies that something went in her eye. Bhanu and Randheer leave.

In the meantime, women start singing to celebrate the roka. Amrit meets Vashma and tells her that she didn’t get the chance to talk with Randheer who still thinks he is going to get engaged with Randheer. Vashma says that she shall go to tell Randheer now itself.

Vashma walks away but is stopped by Farooq who says that he wants to talk with her. He apologizes for what happened the last time and says that she is so beautiful and was scared that someone might snatch her from him. He promises that he will take care of her and her happiness after the Nikah happens. He has brought a hijab to gift Vashma who glares at him. He tells her that she can keep it since Abrar is aware of it. Vashma asks him not to marry her since honestly she doesn’t see her husband in him at all. He says that he has already seen his wife in her. He puts the hijab in her hands and leaves.


Rajrani notices Amrit and Vashma are nowhere to be seen so Vashma’s mother goes to check. She finds Vashma and asks her where she was. She says that she has been helping in the house so she might find her face a bit dull. Her mother asks about her opened hair and she lies that her braid got stuck in Amrit’s closet and got opened so she tied them like this. Her mother asks about the missing earring and she lies that it got broken.

Then, Vashma asks Radha to help her finding the other earring. At the same time, Brij finds the other earring stuck in Uday’s sleeve and confronts him about it. Vashma comes on time and says that it belongs to Radha who is looking for it since long. She takes it and leaves. Uday leaves too. Brij wonders how the earring ended up in Uday’s clothes.

Roka rituals start. Lala is about to make Randheer wear a chain while his mother is going to make Kiranbala wear the chunari. Women sing and suddenly Randheer stops Lala and his mother stops as well hearing Kiranbala’s name in the song. Karam looks on too. Lala asks Randheer and Karam if something happened and he made any mistake. Karam asks him to talk alone. The curtain separating women’s room and men’s one fall. Randheer’s mother asks what is happening. Lala asks why they suddenly stopped rituals. Karam says that the thing is important otherwise he would have not asked to go to talk alone. Mogar suggests to talk later and finish the rituals first. Karam says that he has to talk with her too and going aside would be better. Randheer adds that they have to talk with Amrit too surprising everyone.


Randheer, Amrit, Lala, Karam, the latter’s wife, Mogar and Rajrani go into a room where Karam reveals Lala that they came to get Randheer engaged with Amrit and not Kiranbala and they talked about the same with Mogar the previous day. Lala says that they were there to talk about dowry yesterday. Mogar says that she thought the same but Randheer’s mother snaps that no misunderstanding could have happened since they clearly talked with her about Randheer and Amrit and she said she will talk with him. Lala asks how roka could have been Amrit and Randheer’s when the promise was for Kiranbala and Randheer’s alliance. Randheer says that he likes Amrit. Lala gets shocked and angry. Randheer says that he told it to his parents and they came to talk about it to him. Lala asks Amrit if she knew about this. Randheer remembers Amrit saying that she can sacrifice anything she likes for her father and immediately says no, the decision was only his. He joins his hands in front of Lala and says that none will be happy if he marries Kiranbala because he likes Amrit. Before he can add anything further, Lala stops him shouting that it is enough. He blames him for eyeing the girls of their house when they thought him as guest. He asks about the promise his father made to Kiranbala’s dad. Randheer’s mother apologizes and says that the promise was made by elders but life has been spent together by their children only. Lala wants to talk with Karam only. The latter affirms that he can’t sacrifice his son’s happiness for the promise. Mogar starts doing melodrama and says that her daughter is being insulted and none will marry her if her engagement gets broken today. Kiranbala cries and walks away. She was listening to the whole discussion from the door with the rest of family. Lala affirms that, if Randheer will marry in their house, then the marriage will happen with Kiranbala or nobody else. Mogar knew this would happen. Randheer looks at Amrit who looks away.

Episode ends

Precap: Mogar tells Kiranbala that Randheer will become hers by getting disreputable. Guests see Randheer and Amrit together in the room and gossip about them falling for each other. Iqbal announces Vashma and Farooq’s Nikah which will happen two days later.

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