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Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 18th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pratigya opening the door for Krishna at night and she asks him why he is out at this hour of night? He doesn’t understand what to answer and tries to avoid Pratigya but she says that what happened to you all of a sudden is that you are behaving like this! Krishna says to Pratigya that you should limit your question answer sessions to court premises only. Do not start your trial sessions at this house.


Pratigya tries to make him understand that she is looking for him because she wants to know if Garv has said something because for the first time Garv does pee on the bed. She says he never did this before tonight. Krishna says so what is the exclusive thing in this ? So many kids do this in their childhood. They are arguing and Sajjan Singh makes a sound from upstairs and Krishna goes in silent mode. Pratigya is not much impressed with the way Krishna is talking to her but she lets it go for the night.

The next morning kids are getting ready for going to school and Kriti says that Garv just needs one excuse for not going to school. Pratigya says that there will be no issues if he doesn’t want to go to school today. Suddenly all of them realise that Krishna is not at home and there is no one to drop the kids to school. Pratigya asks Sajjan about Krishna and he says that he has no idea where he is neither he is coming at home on time nor he is taking permission before going out. Krishna is looking for the evidence in the sword and he is unable to find the specs of Garv.


Balwant Singh collected all the things that were in that area through his men and he is trying to check the stuff to identify or get a clue about the possible criminal. His assistant picks the specs of Garv and shows it to him but he says that this spec appears to belong to a kid. Did you try to say that a kid of maximum 5 to 6 year old drives a car, hits a person with the car and then runs away from there without leaving any clue? Is it even possible?

On the other side, Krishna decided to become his old self to protect his son from every evil thing. He comes back home and Pratigya says that where did you vanish all of a sudden as everyone is looking for you? Kriti needs to leave for school and jivan nowhere to be found. He again behaves rudely with Pratigya and is not talking properly with her and Sajjan Singh gets angry on him and says that talk to my daughter in law in a proper way or else I will not leave you.


Later, Pratigya gets the contract of fighting the case from the side of Balbant Singh as a government lawyer. Garv is seeing nightmares and he wakes up calling his father and Krishna tries to assure him that he will be safe. Pratigya comes back home and Krishna is trying to know from her who is going to fight the case from the side of the Balwant and what kind of evidence they have collected so far.

Pratigya here’s some sound from the outside of the house and she goes to check without answering Krishna anything. Later,Pratigya is trying to sort out a problem with a neighbour lady regarding her daughter Kriti. While Krishna is trying to shut them up and in this process he ends up slapping Pragya.

Precap – Krishna is shocked to know Pratigya is going to fight the case from Balwant Singh side. He tries to talk to her but she is giving him silent treatment.


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