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Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krishna getting a threatening call from an unknown person about Garv being the culprit and the caller also says I have evidence against your son so there will be no scope of shouting at me rather we can make a deal. The collar cells that we have evidence against the son in a form of video and if you want this evidence to go vanish then give me one crore rupees and you will get a call about when and where you have to bring the money.


Pratigya comes to meet Balwant and his wife blames her for saving her brother-in-law. She says I have no evidence against him to prove him guilty as of now so why will I blame him? Garv comes all scared to Krishna and says that he is scared that someone will tell about his things to his mother Pratigya. Krishna somehow manages Garv and Sajjan tries to make him laugh and he laughs and goes away from there.

On the other hand, Pratigya and Balwant had an argument among each other. On the other side, Krishna is worried about the other things and Sajjan thinks about how someone else can call and asks about Garv. Balwant clears the air for Pratigya about the footage getting deleted from the computer. Pratigya is worried about the footage being deleted and she is trying to know what exactly happened there.


Komal is in the market to buy some vegetables but Adarsh spots sir and wants to talk to her but she ignores him. He follows her the whole time and comes to her house. Kesar asks him what is the reason to come here and he says I want to meet Krishna because I have something of him with me. Komal says Krishna is not in the house right now. He says ok fine I am giving it to Pratigya. He informs Pratigya that Krishna came to his diary in the morning today before her and Balwant and by mistake he left his wrist watch in the shop.

Pratigya gets shocked to know there’s and she doesn’t understand how and why Krishna visits the diary. Pratigya is trying to recall the past some days behaviour of Krishna and how he is ignoring her and also behaving in a very unlike way. She is not able to come to any conclusion behind his changed behaviour and thinks if he is trying to save his brother? Kriti comes to her with a math problem but Pratigya is so disturbed with the thoughts of Krishna that she ends up scolding her for it.


Pratigya is also waiting for Krishna at the dining table but he comes home late. Pratigya is waiting for him and Krishna finally comes home and says to Pratigya that he doesn’t want to eat anything right now. Pratigya tries to ask him about his visit to the dairy but he denies it on her face. She asks him why are you lying to me without any reason? She asks him to swear on her and speak up about the whole thing.

Precap – Balwant puts an audio tracker in the bag of Komal. Pratigya scolds Samar and he is about to reveal the truth while Balwant is listening to it sitting in the car.

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