Mola Ali Shayari in Hindi

Mola Ali Shayari in Hindi

Allow us to reveal to you that Hazrat Ali’s mom’s name was Fatima bint Asad and father’s name was Abu Talib, it is said that he was the principal who was brought into the world in Mecca Medina, and this, yet Hazrat Ali is additionally considered as the main Muslim researcher. In his time, he used to pass on data identified with science to individuals in an altogether different manner. Hazrat Ali is known as the fourth caliph of the Muslims.

Mola Ali Shayari in Hindi 2021

mola ali shayari in hindi

Consistently on the birthday of Hazrat Ali, every one of the Muslims salute each other on the birthday of Hazrat Ali, recall the dearest by them, and furthermore share with individuals. Muslims beautify their home on Hazrat Ali’s birthday and commend satisfaction with loved ones. The introduction of Hazrat Ali is praised with extraordinary show in India as well as from one side of the planet to the other.


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