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The episode starts with Parvathy says to Karthick that Sathya sang well infront of all. She never think she can able to sing well. She must appreciates Sathya for singing infront of all without fear. Parvathy adds that Sathya sang devotional song which made her lost in her voice. She is resembling like Sakthi. Kadhambari gets angry to hear it. Karthick says to her that he never thought that Sathya can able to learn all song in short time and do katcheri with him. She is giving good vibes to him. Parvathy says to him that Sathya made her remember Sakthi. Karthick agrees with her and replies to her same goes with him. Her voice remembers him Sakthi’s voice to him.


Parvathy questions him Is Sathya in Sakthi’s age? He replies as yes. Kadhambari doubts who is Sathya? Not only Kadhambari doubts Sathya resembling Sakthi but also everyone. She wants to finds out the truth orelse that Sakthi will come back to her life and gives tough time to her. Parvathy enquires to Karthick about Sathya’s family. Karthick replies to her that he didn’t listen well about her family details in excitement. He remembers Sathya said that her father working in estate as manager and her mom is also working there. Kadhambari listens this all? Parvathy says to Karthick that she can’t able to talk with her properly so bring her here one day she wishes to spend some time with her. Karthick nods.

Sakthi is helping her mom in vessels washing. Mallika gives the lunch box to Sakthi and asks her to finish it thoroughly. Sakthi nods and warns Mallika to don’t do any work here in her absence. Take rest properly. She nods. Tharun calls to Sakthi. She attends the call. Tharun informs to her that he came to her area for some purpose he is waiting in her area to pick her up. Sakthi asks him to leave and don’t wait for her. Tharun says to her that both are going in same place so he can give lift to her. Sakthi refuses to accept his help reasoning she don’t want to disturb him. She disconnects the call leaving Tharun in confusion. Mallika enquires to Sakthi what happened?


Sakthi informs to her that Tharun called her. He came to their area for some purpose so he wished to give lift to her. Mallika doubts why did he thinking to give lift to her? Sakthi replies to her she is also thinking the same but she refuses to accept his help. Mallika says to Sakthi that Tharun helped them a lot in hospital. He is a good guy but nowadays we can’t able to trust anyone. Mallika asks Sakthi to be careful. Sakthi assures to her she will take care of it.

Sakthi is walking in road. Tharun comes there in car and stops it seeing Sakthi. He greets her and asks her to get in the car. Sakthi refuses to go with him. Tharun explains to her that he is here for some work he completed it. Now he is going back to school so he can able to drop her there. Sakthi refuses to go with him reasoning its her area if someone sees them together they will misunderstand them.


Sakthi starts walk away. Tharun regrets for trying to give ride to Sakthi. Mallika and Sumathi are going to Market. Mallika questions her about the super market. She replies to her that they can get things from there in low price. We can lead family without tension for one month. But super market is little far from their place. Mallika questions Sumathi when did she reached to this place? She replies to her that she is living here after her marriage. Sumathi asks to Mallika how is she managing the climate here. Kodaikanal is cool place comparing to hot chennai. Mallika replies to her that she can’t able to change her life style according to her wish. She must bear this all to lead her life.

Tharun calls Sakthi and asks her to give the list soon. Sakthi questions him which list? Tharun lashes out at Sakthi for being careless. He asks her to prepare the list soon for her class. Sakthi tries to explain him but he leaves not giving heed to her. Sakthi is preparing for the list. Tharun comes there and scolds her for taking more time to take a list. Sakthi thinks that Tharun may disappointed with her when she refused to go with him.

Sakthi goes to Tharun and gives the list to him. He complaints about her list. Sakthi starts crying seeing his anger on her. Tharun starts laughs seeing her crying like baby. He teases her and asks her to smile. Mallika and Sumathi reaches to super market. They are purchasing the things from there. Rukmani too reaches there both crosses each other path not noticing. Sakthi is checking the list. Kadhambari is standing infront of her. Here Rukmani about to touch Mallika. Both mom and daughter are nearing Sakthi and Mallika.


Episode end.

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