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The episode starts with Rukmani is staring Mallika’s side in doubt. She walks to that side and take some things. Mallika hears her conversation and shocks to find Rukmani there. She runs from there in tension. Mallika asks Sumathi to leave from there asap. Sumathy deny it. She takes her outside in hurry. Sumathi questions Mallika but she replies as nothing. Sakthi is checking the file. Kadhambari comes there and give sudden shock to her.


Kadhambari questions Sakthi Is she busy? She replies as she didn’t noticed her. Kadhambari questions her Is she know her? She replies to her as M.D sir wife she saw her in birthday function. Kadhambari says to her that she sang in function and went missing. She replies to her that she left from there soon. Kadhambari questions Sakthi Is she here for this work? She nods. Kadhambari asks her to say her place name? Sakthi replies to her as village in Kodaikanal. Thandikudi. Kadhambari questions to Sakthi about her family? She lies to her that she has grandma, father, mother. She lies to her that she was there from childhood days.

Sakthi questions Kadhambari why is she asking manything about her? Kadhambari replies to her she just want to enquire her background for safety procedure. Doesn’t Karthick took her to job after listening to her song. She ask to Sakthi Is she know Karthick before? She replies to her that she knew him. Kadhambari gets shock and enquires her? She replies to her that he is very famous and saw him in Tv. Kadhambari gets relieves she asks Sakthi to say her address. She hesitates then give it to her. Kadhambari wishes to find out her background. Sakthi starts feeling nervous what if Kadhambari finds out her identity. Why is god testing her this much.


Manohar and Sheela are shown. Sheela thinks Manohar going to talk with Varun. If he agrees to marry then she can destroy the family. Varun comes there. Manohar says to Varun that he wants to talk with him about his marriage. But he don’t like to take this topic. He can’t able to stay quiet. Varun says to them strictly that he don’t want marriage. Sheela asks to him will they think bad for him. Varun complaints to them that they are thinking if he get marry then all problems will be solve. Manohar says to Varun even he thought like him in his age till he meet Kasthuri. She changed him and helped him in business. Sheela advises to Varun after marriage his wife will change him more then he is taking medicine too. Varun complaints that nothing going to change. He is adamant in his opinion and asks them to stop taking that topic. If they bring it again he will leave this house soon.

Sakthi is eating her food. Karthick comes there and questioning her why is she eating alone? She informs to him that she was late today. Karthick asks her to eat on time. Karthick asks her to share her food with him. She hesitate reasoning its cooked in morning. Sakthi shares her food with him. Sruthi notices it and get angry. He tastes the food and eating it happily. He feels the taste of the food is same as Mallika’s cooking. Sakthi feels happy to know it. Sruthi gets angry hearing it all. Karthick shares to Sakthi about his past and how unlucky he is. Sakthi feels emotional to see him.


Episode end.

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