Mouna Raagam 18th February 2021 Written Update

Mouna Raagam 17th February 2021 Written Update 

The episode starts with Selvi says to Sakthi that she is going to cook something for them. She asks Sakthi to take care of Mallika. Sakthi says to Mallika just try to understand what doctor said to her. He strictly says to do surgery immediately orelse Mallika’s health condition will turn to worst.

How will she see her suffering. Sakthi asks Mallika to agree with her. Mallika deny it. Sakthi says to her that she used to visit Mallika in estate even after she warned her in the fear of something bad will happen to her. She wishes to makes sure with her safety. She likes her mom a lot that’s why she is behind her everytime. She further ads that she has no one in this world then her. What if something bad happens to her then Sakthi will be alone here. Mallika is staring her emotionally.


Sukumar says that Sakthi is correct after Mallika no one is there for her. She is already in her marriage age. Both are trying hard to convince her. Mallika agrees to go with her. Sukumar asks Sakthi to join in her job. Mallika deny it. Sukumar convinces her and assures to her he will arrange a house for them to stay near by.

Mallika asks Sakthi to concentrate only on her work. She assures to her after her surgery they can return to Kodaikanal if she don’t likes to stay there. Mallika asks Sakthi to promise her that she will never go in search for her father’s family. Sakthi promises to Mallika. Karthick is having a nightmare. He shouts Sakthi’s name at night. He is blabbering in the dream effect.


Kadhambari gets irritate hearing Sakthi’s name. She gives water to him and enquires him what’s the matter? He narrates to her that he dreamt Something bad happened to Mallika and Sakthi is searching for him. Kadhambari thinks even after they left the home, she is not living a peaceful life with him. Karthick drifts into sleep again.

Mallika and Sakthi locks their house and handsover the key to Sukumar. She thanks him for treating her as his sister, and taking a good care of them. Sukumar replies to her he is thinking her as his own sister. Selvi asks Mallika to invite them for Sathya’s marriage. Mallika assures to them. Mallika and Sukumar bids bye to them and leaves from there.


They reaches chennai and meets Sukumar’s relative. She gives the key to Mallika and says her daughter used to stay here but she left to foreign now. Her things are inside they can use it. She leaves to bring food for them. Sakthi says to Mallika that she likes this place a lot. She notices the market and medical shops here it’s near by their house. Mallika appreciates her.

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