Mouna Raagam 19th February 2021 Written Update: Sruthi dislikes Karthick concern on Sathya – “”

Mouna Raagam 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kadhambari says to Karthick that he might take good decision in Sruthi’s alliance matter. Karthick replies to her it’s too early to talk about Sruthi’s marriage. Rukmani says that Sruthi is in her marriage age. Everyone started to question her about Sruthi? Karthick replies to her that he won’t rush Sruthi’s marriage for others. Rukmani says if we waits a lot then someone will take Varun.


Karthick tells them he don’t care about it, because his daughter Sruthi will get many alliance for her. Kadhambari tries to explain him that Manohar is very close to his family. If she gives Sruthi hands to Varun then she can be happy because she will live happily there. Karthick says to them let him think about it. Rukmani says to him that she is ready to talk with Manohar, if he agrees then he must agree to this marriage. Karthick nods.

Mallika is doing the household works. Sakthi questions her why did she doing this all? Didn’t she asked her to take rest. Mallika replies to her that she felt bore here. Sakthi informs to her that she is going to her job. Mallika stops her and says she wishes to accompany her.


Sakthi stares her in confusion. Mallika says that she wishes to takes a look around there. She wanna makes sure Is it safe work in that place. Sakthi agrees with her. Mallika assures to her that she will takes a look there and return to home soon. Kadhambari and Mallika visits Manohar family. Rukmani asks Varun hands for Sruthi. Sheela and Manohar thinks a while and expresses their happiness.

Manohar says clearly to Kadhambari that he will take a decision after he talk with his son. She agrees with him and leaves from there. Sheela thinks to create a mess there using this alliance. Manohar says to Sheela that she wishes to share all details to Karthick about Varun. He don’t wanna betray him. Sheela convinces him that It’s not a big deal.


Karthick and Tharun are discussing about the admission. Karthick enquires him about Sathya. He informs to him that Sathya will join today. Sruthi get’s angry hearing it. She opens up her suggestion to Karthick. Karthick tries to explain her that Sathya is too good in music. Sruthi leaves from there in anger.

Episode end.

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