Mouna Raagam 24th February 2021 Written Update: Varun refuses to marry Sruthi – “”

Mouna Raagam 24th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Varun standing in varanda. Tharun comes there to call him for dinner. Varun refuses to take dinner. He asks Tharun to leave him alone. Tharun enquires his problem? Varun shares to him that he shouts on Dad and aunty in tension. Dad often bringing his marriage topic to him. He got angry and shouted on them. Tharun says to Varun that Dad is doing this all for Varun happiness. He will never think bad to him.


Varun replies to him that he can understands dad’s feeling but he must understand him too. If he gets marry to anyone it’s like he is spoiling her life. She will end up takes care of him life long. What if she gets angry and leaves him after comes to the know the truth. He can’t able to tolerate it. He says to Tharun clearly that he don’t want to marry.

Mallika is thinking about her past. Sakthi comes there and questions her why is she here? Mallika replies to her that she is not getting sleep reasoning new atmosphere. Mallika and Sakthi starts discussing about Karthick and his family. Mallika repeats to Sakthi don’t ever go in search for Karthick and his family. It will ruin his happiness and Sakthi’s peace too. Sakthi assures with her. Sakthi asks to her about her office?


Mallika says to her that she likes the office. Mallika informs to her about the M.D daughter harsh behaviour on old man. Mallika advises to Sakthi don’t appologize for others mistakes and be honest to accept your own mistakes. Sakthi nods. Kadhambari and Karthick is going to sleep. Karthick enquires to Kadhambari about Parvathy? She informs to him that she slept. Karthick is staring Mallika and Sakthi photo. Kadhambari gets angry seeing it. She pretends like nice to him and diverts him.

Varun is reading newspaper. Sheela comes there with his medicine. She asks him to take the medicine. Sheela thinks that he is not going to get well soon because she is giving wrong medicine to him from childhood days. His illness is the key point to her success. She will use him to ruin Manohar happiness. Sheela advising Varun to marry for Manohar happiness. She is trying to convince him emotionally but he is adamant in his decision.


Sakthi worries for her new class. She is praying to god helps her to do well in class. Tharun smiles seeing her talking alone. Tharun enquires her Is she comfortable here? She nods. Both are talking about the office and music related things. Sruthi notices this from far and gets angry on him. She confronts Tharun. She questions him why did he talking with Sathya? Tharun excuses Sruthi and leaves to attend the meeting.

Episode end.

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