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Mouna Raagam 5th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick enquires to Kadhambari about Parvathy’s health. Kadhambari assures to him that she is doing well. Sruthi comes there and greets him. Karthick asks to her where were she? Sruthi informs to him that she went to shopping. Karthick asks to her why didn’t she inform to him about it? He asks her to show the shopping things to him. Kadhambari signals Sruthi to leave. She leaves from there. Karthick questions Kadhambari why did she send Shruthi away? Kadhambari informs to him that Shruthi wishes to gift something special to Varun. She feels proud for bringing this alliance for Shruthi reasoning she likes Varun a lot. Karthick informs to Kadhambari about his visit to Manohar’s house. She questions him what’s the reason to meet meet him out of the blue? Karthick says to her that he just dropped him in his house. There he met Varun too. He doubts Varun is not a normal person. His character is keep bothering him. Neither he is not talking with him nor mingling with all. Kadhambari informs to him about the birthday party incidents too. She adds that Sheela informed to her that Varun is shy nature so he won’t mingle with all. Karthick too agree with this. He complaints that he doubts something is wrong with his character. He is getting wrong vibes whenever he is thinking about Varun’s nature. Karthick doubts whether Manohar hiding anything from him. Kadhambari assures to him that Manohar won’t do such things to him. Kadhambari says to him that Shruthi likes Varun a lot. Karthick nods.


Mallika and Sakthi boils the milk in their new house and prays to god in happiness. Sakthi thank to god for helping her to manage the situation. She feels happy when everything going according to her plan. She thank god for changing Suguna’s heart. She asks God to help her mom to do well in her surgery. She asks god to help her to hide the truth about Dad till the surgery. Mallik prays to god that Sakthi is always thinking about her. She asks god to give good life to Sakthi. Mallika asks Sakthi to drink the milk. Sakthi says to her that she wishes to give this milk to Tharun’s sir family too. Mallika deny it. Sakthi says to her that its a respect to them reasoning they gave this shelter to them. Mallika allows her to do it but she warns her don’t spend too much time there. Sakthi teases her and leaves.

Sakthi comes to Tharun’s house. Varun asks the servant to bring water. Later he goes to get water from kitchen. Sakthi doubts where is everyone? Servant lights the fire unaware of Varun’s presense there. Varun gets panic attacks. Meanwhile Sakthi is calling everyone there. Varun pushes away the milk and runs from there in tension. Sakthi gets nervous to see it. Sheela and Tharun comes there and asks to her what happened? Sakthi informs to him that she is here to bring the milk to all but someone pushed her away its her mistake. Sheela consoles her and informs to her that he is Varun, Tharun’s borther. He is like that only he will never think about anything when it comes to work. Sheela enquires to Sundari what happened? She informs to her that she lighten the gas without noticing him that’s why he ran away in fear. Sheela glares her and asks her to stop blabbering. Sakthi informs to Tharun that she was scared. Tharun manages the situation. Sakthi asks him to don’t take it as bad omen. Tharun teases her for talking like grand mother. Sheela goes from there to check Varun. Tharun asks Sakthi to forget all and be happy whole day. Sakthi nods and leaves.


Sakthi thinks its not good to share about that incident to Mallika. There is a chances that Mallika to take it in wrong way. Mallika enquires to Sakthi about them. Sakthi lies to her that all feels happy to see her. They asks her to be comfortable in this house. Mallika fears they will asks about Sakthi’s father? Sakthi assures to her they won’t. Lets stay away from them then they won’t poke their head in our matters. Mallika asks Sakthi to take break fast and leaves. Sakthi scolds her for working. Mallika feeds to Sakthi.

Varun is feeling disappoints with thr incident. Tharun consoles Varun.varun narrates the incident to Tharun what happened? Tharun says to him that he is thinking too much. Varun feels bad for giving tough time to all. He asks to Tharun who is that person he dashed in hall. Tharun informs to him that she is Sathya whom living in their outhouse. He appologizes to Tharun for behaving like that to her. Varun teases Tharun for bringing her here. He deny it and says to him nothing like that he just wished to help her. Varun stares him in teasing way


Episode end.

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