Mouna Raagam 6th April 2021 Written Update: Mallika lies to Sheela – “”

Mouna Raagam 6th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika advises Sakthi to eat on time. Sakthi says to Mallika that she don’t like to leave leaving her alone? Mallika says to Sakthi that they shifted to here. Maybe Tharun will offer lift to her but don’t accept it. Sakthi says to her she won’t do it. Sakthi advises to Mallika don’t be close with Tharun’s family. She questions Sakthi why did she asking her to do this? Sakthi says to her that Mallika was close with Suguna she asked them to vacate the house. She don’t want to see it’s repeating! Mallika says to Sakthi that Suguna is poor like them, But Tharun family is rich it’s safe to stays away from them. Sakthi bids bye to her and leaves.


Tharun is waiting in road side. Sakthi fears that Tharun may offers lift to her? She is thinking to avoide him reasoning something. Tharun asks to Sakthi Isn’t she going to office? She nods. Tharun asks Sakthi to get inside the car. Sakthi refuses to go with him reasoning she will take bus. Tharun says to her that she will never get bus in this time. He changes her mind and takes her from there in car. Sakthi feels guilty for entering into his car even after Mallika asked her to don’t do it? Sakthi thinks if she fails to get in then Tharun will misunderstand her. Tharun enquires to Sakthi Is she comfortable in that house? She nods.

Tharun asks to Sakthi Is Mallika liked that house? Sakthi nods to him. Tharun expresses his happiness to her for Sakthi shifting to his outhouse! Tharun enquires to her what’s bothering her? She says nothing like that. Tharun is keep talking with her but Sakthi is in guilt. Tharun questions Sakthi why did she sitting silent instead of enjoying like other girls? Sakthi is feeling uncomfortable there. Mallika is thinking about her destiny. Sheela comes there to enquire about Mallika’s comfortable in that house? Mallika assures to her that she is doing good here. Sheela asks to Mallika where is Sakthi? She informs to her that Sakthi left to office. Sheela enquires to Mallika about her husband? Mallika lies to her that everyone is in Kodaikanal. Mallika says to Sheela that she is doing this works because she is feeling bored after Sakthi left. Sheela says same feeling to her after Tharun and Varun left. Mallika says to her that Tharun helped a lot to them.


Sheela says to Mallika it’s Tharuns nature to help everyone. Sheela informs to Mallika that Tharun is motherless child. When he is in his childhood days his mom died in a fire accident. Manohar whom upbringed them alone? Sheela felt pity on them and helped Manohar to upbring them. Later he husband too died. Then she stayed with Manohar and son. This is her family now. Mallika says to her that she is feeling proud to see Sheela. Her sacrifice is pure. Sheela asks Mallika to approach her if she need any help and leaves. Sakthi prays no one should see her travelling in Tharun’s car. She fears Shruthi will get angry on her if she sees them together. Sakthi asks Tharun to stop the car. She doubts how to share this to Tharun? Tharun enquires to Sakthi why did she ask him to stop the car? Sakthi lies to him that she wants to talk with the office staff. Sakthi gets down from car and pretends like talking with the staffs.

Kadhambari is serving food to Karthick. Rukmani is listening to song. Kadhambari informs to Karthick that Sruthi is behaving more matured now a days. Karthick gets flashes of Mallika when he listens to “Evano oruvan song”. Kadhambari asks to Karthick Is he need coffee? He mentions her as “Mallika” making Kadhambari glares him. Karthick appologizes to Kadhambari for mentioning like that. Kadhambari complaints to him that Mallika left him 12 years before. In her absence she was the one take care of him. Though he can’t able to forget her? Kadhambari questions him how much she tried? Though She can’t able to live in his heart? Still he needs Mallika. Karthick appologizes to her. Kadhambari asks him to consider her feelings too. Karthick leaves from there. Rukmani blames Karthick. She lashes out at Rukmani.


Episode end.

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