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The episode starts with Karthick is drinking coffee. He gets a phone call, he is talking with that person. Sruthi is also talking in another side. Sakthi comes there and notices Karthick there. She thinks that Karthick talking in mobile, may coffee gets cold. She exchanged it with hot coffee. Sruthi is watching Sakthi’s behaviours. Karthick drinks the coffee. Sakthi notices Sruthi there and goes near her. Sruthi talks in irony with Sakthi and says to her that her work is giving goosebumbs to her. She questions her why did she showing this much care on Karthick?


Sakthi says to her that not only Karthick but also she cares for everyone here. Sruthi says to her that may Karthick and Tharun believes her but not she? Sruthi asks Sakthi if she cares for her then prove it to her? She asks Sakthi to tell Tharun stop talking with her. Sakthi says to Sruthi that she fears Tharun may fire her from job. Sruthi assures to her nothing will happen like that. Sakthi thinks that she left her fatger for Sruthi then why won’t she do it? Sruthi asks her to listen her she will give guarantee to her work.

Sakthi goes near Tharun and says to him that she wants to talk with him. She asks Tharun to stop talking with her. Sruthi surprise to see it. She thinks how could Sakthi behaves in this way without hesitation. Tharun questions Sakthi why did she behaving like this out of the blue? Sakthi says to him don’t ask any reason just stop talking with her! Sruthi comes there and questions Tharun what happened? He says to her as nothing. Sruthi is again question him in teasing way? Sruthi questions him why did she showing this face to her? Sruthi says to him that Sakthi said to her that she will do anything for her, but she didn’t believe her. Sakthi kept her word but Tharun’s face is worth to watch. She just teased him nothing to worry. Tharun stares Sakthi. Sakthi reaches to home. Mallika says to her that she is waiting for her.


Sakthi questions Mallika why didn’t she called her today? She eats rice. Mallika scolds her for eating rice like kid. Sakthi says to her that she is a teacher now! Mallika teases her. She again scolds Sakthi for eating rice and complaints that rain will come in her marriage day. She says its good rain blessing her on marriage day. Mallika complaints that people won’t attend marriage in rainy day. Sakthi says that she don’t wanna marry anyone. If she marry then Mallika won’t stay with her. Mallika says to her that she dreamed a lot about her marriage. Sakthi says that all boys are boring here. Mallika assures to her that she will search good boy for her.

Sakthi enquires to her what did she do the whole day? Mallika says to her that she felt bored here. She shares to her that Sheela met her here. Mallika informs to Sakthi that Tharun is mother less child. Sakthi says that she has no idea about it. Mallika further says that she died in an fire accident. Sheela took care of them. Sakthi says that Tharun didn’t shared anything about it to her. Sakthi says that growing up without mother is hell! Mallika says that destiny planned different to all. Mallika asks to Sakthi what happened in office? Mallika complaints about M.D daughter. Sakthi compares her with Shruthi.


Mallika praises Shruthi infront of Sakthi. Sakthi thinks that Shruthi didn’t changed yet. Sakthi shares her past to Mallika that she spend with Shruthi. Rukmani rushes towards Kadhambari to inform her that she got the design she searchef for? Kadhambari complaints that she is creating scene. Sruthi comes there. Rukmani teases her. Sruthi shares to Kadhambari one important thing to her.

Sakthi used to talk happily with Karthick and Tharun. She done one thing to cut her tile. She shares to Rukmani that Sathya is listening to all her words. She is showing love and care on her. Kadhambari doubts may Sakthi and Sathya are same. Sruthi and Rukmani deny it. Kadhambari says that Sakthi has all qualities of Sathya. Sruthi asks Kadhambari to stop thinking too much. She warns them if Sakthi enters into her life again! She will go to any extreme. Sruthi consoles her.

Episode end.


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