Naga Bhairavi 15th March 2021 Written Update: Jalaja and Veerabhadram insults Shakuntala family – “”

Naga Bhairavi 15th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun questions how can they blame person did mistake if he dies with snake bite. Villagers says he might did mistake otherwise why will their deity kills him. Bhairavi says to cover your mistake, you made my Dad as culprit Infront of everyone. Arjun says I never said your Dad did mistake, snakes generally bite in legs and hands but they don’t reach upto neck. Veerabhadram gets tensed. Arjun says even your brother have bites near his neck like your Dad, so it means someone intentionally did it to kill your Dad and brother. Bhairavi looks on.


Annapurna and Kaushalya gets shocked seeing Krishnam Naidu dead body and they breaksdown near his body. Jalaja feels happy and starts her acting Infront of others. Annapurna questions how can you left leaving your Daughter Krishna. Jalaja says don’t feel bad mom, consider Son in law as your son from nowonwards. Veerabhadram too agrees with Jalaja and tells to Annapurna that he will fulfill Krishna’s place. Annapurna cries saying even god can’t fulfill her son’s place.

Veerabhadram asks Arjun to leave. Arjun says Krishna’s my Father in law. Veerabhadram says you guys don’t have any relationship with us and who are you. Shakuntala enters with her family. Sanvi says he is my brother and we are belongs to this family, who are you to question us, she signs him to start the drama. Veerabhadram says you guys betrayed our family so leave from here. Arjun says you don’t have right to stop us and he takes his Mom near to Krishna’s body. Shakuntala cries for her brother and says Bhairavi I don’t know how to console you, are you angry with me. Bhairavi sits silently.


Jalaja questions why you guys came here? Brother is died with your entry to our home and leave from here before another one dies. Shakuntala says Mom why you’re not stopping Jalaja when she is blaming me. Jalaja asks them to leave. Arjun and Sanvi says she don’t have any right to make them leave from their Grandmother place. Jalaja says these people entered for rights and your Son entry to our home is causing us problem. Shakuntala says how can you talk with your sister in this way? How can you think that I will harm my brother. Jalaja won’t stop than Arjun warns Jalaja to not talk about his family. Veerabhadram says these people won’t go in this way and he about to go near Shakuntala but Arjun comes in between them and tells we didn’t came here for property so don’t insult my Mom. Veerabhadram asks if he will beat him.

Bhairavi says stop these fights and let us cry in peace and she breaksdown near her Dad’s body. Villagers says it’s time for last rights. They takes Krishna’s body. Arjun performs last rites to Krishnam Naidu. Bhairavi cries reminscing her moments with her Dad. Arjun promises to clear blame from Krishna’s name and thinks to prove his Dad’s innocence to everyone.


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