Naga Bhairavi 16th March 2021 Written Update: Bujji lost his voice because of Shock and Family members fail to understand his signs – “”

Naga Bhairavi 16th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun promises on Krishnam Naidu pyre that he will prove Krishnam Naidu is guilt free and his Dad is innocent to everyone. Everyone cries at home seeing Krishnam Naidu photo. Arjun and Sanvi says let’s go mom. They are about to leave than Kaushalya searches for Bujji. Bujji reaches to home and gets shocked seeing Krishna’s photo will garland and he reminsces how he saw his murder.


Kaushalya asks him where he went. Bujji couldn’t talk and he signs how Veerabhadram killed Krishnam Naidu. Everyone asks him talk but he can’t. Arjun goes to them. Bujji shows Veerabhadram and signs them how he killed Krishnam Naidu with help of snake. Veerabhadram thinks he lost his voice and witnessed when we are killing Krishnam Naidu. Family members couldn’t understand his signs. Arjun says relax and asks him to tell.

Veerabhadram says seems like he is scared seeing something, make him drink the water. Zarina about to makes him drink water but Bujji throws it and goes towards Sanvi and Veerabhadram and signs how they killed Krishnam Naidu with Snake bite. Annapurna asks why he is showing you Veerabhadram. Arjun thinks why he is showing Sanvi and Veerabhadram. Veerabhadram says maybe he is scared seeing some snake and he takes Bujji with him to room holding his neck.


Veerabhadram warns Bujji that he will kill everyone along with him if he tells about his Grandfather murder to anyone and don’t reveal it anyone. Bujji agrees than Veerabhadram takes him out and tells to everyone that Bujji is fine. Sanvi says seems like he got scared seeing something, let’s go from here. Arjun about to leave with his family but Bujji runs to Arjun and hugs him in tears and signs him to don’t go anywhere leaving them. Kaushalya says Bujji wants you to stay here. Arjun assures him that he won’t go anywhere and he goes to his Mom. Shakuntala asks Arjun to stay with them and they leaves from that house. Bhairavi thinks what Bujji wants to tell us, why he is pleading Arjun to stay with us.

Phanidra/Nagulu reaches to Bhairavi house and searches everywhere for Malli than he goes to Veerabhadram. Veerabhadram thinks if Malli escaped from their trap and than he thinks to escape from Snake showing Garuda Bandam but then he remembers that how he removed it. Nagulu came to his human form and questions Veerabhadram about Malli. Veerabhadram says he don’t know anything.


Nagulu says Malli informed me about you and I know you’re reason behind her dissaperarance so tell me about Malli otherwise I will kill you. Veerabhadram agrees to show Malli location to him and he takes him to Vishwambari place. Vishwambari senses Phanidra and Veerabhadram entering her place and she dissaperars Malli with her power.

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