Naga Bhairavi 17th March 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi enters the temple without listening to Arjun – “”

Naga Bhairavi 17th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Vishwambari senses Phanidra/Nagulu presence with Veerabhadram, she hides behind rock and dissapears Malli with her powers. Phanidra sees the place appearance and thinks it’s like evil powers place and it can be that witch place and he asks Veerabhadram about Malli. Veerabhadram says she is here only than he sees Vishwambari and gains confidence and he answers funnily. Phanidra thinks he gets sudden confidence so this is witch place and he questions him to tell about Malli. Veerabhadram says Malli come here. Vishwambari makes Malli appears to him. Malli thinks why you came here Bava, she may lock you too in Garuda bandam. Nagulu/Phanidra goes to Malli and in that time Vishwambhari locks him in Garuda bandam and smiles wickedly. Phanidra couldnt break that bandanam, he prays to Lord Shiva for power still he can’t break it. Veerabhadram smiles seeing them. Nagulu changes to snake form still he couldn’t escape.


Vishwambari comes out from her hidden place and says you guys failed Sarpayagam but now you and Malli are my prisoners and you can’t stop me to enter temple, you did good work Veerabhadram, now we can enter temple easily. Phanidra says their Nagjathi won’t allow her to temple and you cheated us so let’s face eachother directly. Vishwambari says winning is important not way and Veerabhadram make Bhairavi gets married to your son than she will listen to our words and we can enter the temple easily. Veerabhadram agrees happily.

Bhairavi thinks about how villagers blaming her brother and Dad’s death and she about to goes out. Zarina stops her and asks where is she going. Bhairavi says I’m going to temple to know why snakes are killing my family members. Zarina says it’s not safe in the midnight, what If your family members founds about it. Bhairavi says they won’t know until you reveal them and noone can stop me to get my answers and she goes out without listening to Zarina words. Arjun notices Bhairavi is going out and he follows her and tries to stop her but she won’t stop and runs to temple and about to enter staircase but Arjun stops her on time and reminds her about everyone’s blame on their family members death and asks if she wants to die. Bhairavi says I will die or fulfill my brothers wishes so don’t stop me. Arjun tries to stop her but she won’t listen to him.


Bhairavi throws Arjun aside and enters the temple. Arjun gets shocked and goes behind her. Two snakes guard the door of temple. Bhairavi and Arjun goes to upstairs temple and they gets shocked seeing snakes guarding the temple. Bhairavi moves forward. Arjun tells her that Snakes may harm her. Bhairavi won’t listen to his words. Big Snake comes near Bhairavi.

Precap – snakes says we won’t kill you because you belongs to protectors of temple family so leave from here. Bhairavi says than why you killed my brother and father? Prove that you didn’t killed them because villagers are blaming their death.


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