Naga Bhairavi 18th February 2021 Written Update

Naga Bhairavi 17th February 2021 Written Update

Episode starts with Arjun thinks if someone is doing this to stop Bhairavi trails to find her brother or they really killed him. Bhairavi cries badly in her room. Arjun calls his men and asks if he trave the number. Men says not yet because it’s not tracing.

Bhairavi wipes her tears thinking Arjun is always right so this video will be fake and prays for it. Arjun thinks Bhairavi loves her brother and I have to make sure that this video will be fake otherwise it’s tough to control her.


Next day Pandit reaches to temple for Pooja and notices dead body of Aditya and calls everyone. Villagers goes to Krishnam Naidu house and informs him that Aditya is dead. Family member and Arjun gets shocked. Krishna Naidu questions what are they saying. Villager says it’s real. Krishna and his family members runs to temple in tears.

Arjun too goes with them. Bujji stands shocked at home. Arjun turns body and gets baffled seeing Aditya. Bhairavi and everyone shouts shocked. Krishnam Naidu goes back in shock. Kaushalya losts her conscious. Malli sprinkles water on her face. Bhairavi and Kaushalya begs him to open his eyes.


Arjun tries to support Krishna. Krishna says last night too I had dream that he called me dad and I never thought I will see him like dead body. NagArjun says your family needs you so try to console yourself. Krishna says he lost his courage and dreams with his son.

Bujji cames to temple and asks why Dad is sleeping here without coming to home. Annapurna asks Aditya to wakeup for Bujji. Bujji cries badly. Phanidra and Malli sees everything. Arjun asks Bujji to not cry saying nothing happened to his Dad.


Sunanda reaches to temple and notices blue mark near Aditya neck. Krishna says who might killed my son and what’s his mistake. Sunanda says I never saw two deaths in this way, you told that your son died 2years back than why are you saying that he died again. Arjun says they are in pain, don’t create issue. Sunanda says I’m just questioning them to get answer. Arjun asks won’t she gave manners.

Sunanda says it’s issue of village and as a head Krishnam Naidu must answer us, Krishnam Naidu cheating is exposed. Villagers says it’s not good to talk about Krishnam Naidu in this way. Krishna asks what cheating she is talking about? Sunanda says 2 years back you lied to everyone that your son is died.

Bhairavi shouts saying my Dad didn’t lied and they started believing my words that my brother is alive. Sunanda says don’t cheat us with these stories. Annapurna says everyone knows about my family history and we don’t cheat anyone. Sunanda says you’re using that history to close the temple so you can steal valuable things from temple.


Krishna asks what’s she saying. Sunanda says reality, you planned with your kids to steal temple. Malli says don’t talk against babu Garu, how can you blame them at this tough times. Sunanda questions who are you to question me, you’re noone to this village. Phanidra gets angry and about to answer her but Malli stops him. Sunanda says God punished your son with death for your cheating.


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