Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 18th March 2021 Written Update: Vadivu blames Aishu. – “”

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 18th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with staff welcomes Maha to her cabin and informs to her that he was personal secretary for Rajarathinam. Nachiyar asked him to be helpful to Maha in office. Maha questions him about Saranya. He replies to her that she has another one. Maha asks him to bring the photo frame from her car. She is looking around the office.


Staff turns to happy after seeing Rajarathinam photo and hangs it on wall. Maha prays to Rajarathinam. Maha says to him that he put many conditions to Mayan and asks him to take care of business. He gives the responsibilities to her so helps her to do it well. Maha asks her secretary to call all the head of departments to meet her. Saranya comes to Maha’s cabin and questions her why did she called everyone to meet?

Maha replies to her that she wants to know what’s going in office? Saranya complaints to her that Nachiyar is not trusting her that’s why she sends Maha to spy her in office. She thought Maha is here for name sake. Maha replies to her that she don’t know to sit somewhere without doing any work. She likes to do her work sincerely.


Saranya teases Maha that she took 8 years to learn everything. Don’t try to be over smart in one day. She shares to her that dad didn’t give the oppurtunity to do everything instead he asked her to prove herself in each steps to reach in this position. Saranya complaints that Maha sits in her dad’s place that’s why she is shining in power. Maha replies to her that Saranya joined in this company as trainee so he trained her like that. But Maha is different she is here behalf of Mayan.

This half of the properties is on his name. So Maha is here as a partner. Her each sign has value. Saranya replies to her that Maha smartly asking her to don’t questions her. Saranya notices the photo and complaints to her that she knew well how to impress her mom. She says to Maha clearly if two head are in company then it won’t look good and leaves from there.


Muthuraj asks Aishu to give 1000rs to her. Aishu advises him to behave properly don’t drink in this money. Muthuraj asks Aishu to don’t advise him like his mother. Muthuraj questions her what will happen if he don’t drink. Aishu again advises him.

Muthuraj complaints to her that all neighbours are teasing him and badmouths him as he is not a man that’s two girls rejected to marry him. Aishu gives the money to him. Vadivu stops her and blames her as the reason behind his state. Nachiyar asks Aishu to stay away from Muthuraj matters.

Lakshmi is doing vadakam. Kathi comes there and talking with her. Nachiyar asks Kathi to stay away from her and matters. Nachiyar asks Aishu to takes care of the pappas. She leaves after the call. Kathi is checking the crows. Gayathri comes there and talking with him. He informs to her that he has no job to do then this.


Maha is working in her cabin. Mayan comes there. Mayan is not allowing Maha to do her job while taking pictures with her. Maha complaints to him that he smartly trapped her in this company. He says to Maha that she is suitable for this position. She questions him why is he here? He replies to her that he wishes to see her.

Maha complaints to him that he cheated her and married her. She was busy in solving others problems in this she forget to mind her own life. Mayan asks her to stop this all and live starts their life. Maha threatens to Mayan that she is going to say all truth to him. Mayan replies to her that he is not well. Mayan keeps disturbing her work and offers lift to her but she refuses it and leaves. Mayan doubts what happened to her?

Episode end.


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