Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Mayan, Maha’s Intimate moments – “”

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nachiyar notices the neighbours are standing outside of caravan. Neighbours are discussing about caravan proudly but Nachiyar misunderstands it and rushes inside to convey this to all. Nachiyar says to Saranya that she fears it will happen but she never expect this soon. No one finds out that they are living in tent yet but this caravan reveals their truth to all in one day. Saranya replies to her, no one gonna looks down on them for staying in caravan instead they will be jealous.


Aishu asks them to allow in. She is ready to talk with them. Maha leaves to talk with them. Maha meets the neighbours there Mayan and Kathi joins with her. Neighbours questions to Maha why is this bus standing here? Maha replies to them it’s caravan. Nachiyar is taking bath that’s why she couldn’t meet them.

Neighbours are wondering how comes bathroom fits inside a bus? Maha replies to them that everything is available inside it. They enquires to her why are they staying in it instead of staying inside their house? Mayan lies to them that painting works are going in. Neighbours asks to him why can’t they stay in one room while they paint another one.


Mayan says to them that Saranya is foreign return so she is don’t like paint smells. They informs to them about the price of it. Neighbours are looking around the caravan and gets surprise. They are keep praising Nachiyar family. They takes selfie with them and leaves from there.

Mayan asks Gayathri to comes in placing her right feet. Mayan takes arathi to her using lighter. Gayathri blows it happily. Mayan asks Gayathri and Kathi to stays there alone. He assures to them that none going to disturbs them. Kathi says to him that nothing is inbetween them to behave like this so he can also stays here.


Mayan scolds him and orders him to follow his words. He alerts them that it’s not sounds proof so talk less. Mayan excuses them. Saranya is admiring Nachiyar in her sleep and says to Maha that she don’t like this Caravan but she is happy to see her mother sleeping peacefully after long days.

Aishu says that she is waiting for the day to go back to her house. Maha asks her to stop worrying. Maha excuses them and go to search for Mayan. She finds him taking rest outside. Maha goes near him. Seeing her Mayan starts flirts with her. Maha questions him Is he good or bad person? It’s very tough to judge him. Mayan is teasing her and tries to be romantic with her but Maha pushes him and leaves from there. Mayan staring her smiling.

Episode end.


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