Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 24th February 2021 Written Update: Maha saves Mayan, Kathi – “”

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 24th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayan and Kathi enters inside Malairaj house pretending to be a Kerala IT officers for raid. Malairaj staring them in confusion and says to them, he is paying tax correctly. Mayan and Kathi says to him it’s all counted officially but they are here to collect the rest. Mayan asks his assistants to search inside his house. Malairaj tries to contact his auditor but Kathi snatches his mobile from him and places inside his pocket.


Malairaj says to them that he didn’t saw them yet in IT Office. Mayan replies to him that they are specially transfered from Trivadrum office. Malairaja sits there in doubt. Mayan and Kathi keeps talking in Malayalam to confuse Malairaj. Mayan’s assistants informs to Mayan they got some jewels and money from cupboard. Kathi appreciates them. Mayan and Kathi rejects Malairaj offers. Kathi asks him to give 70lakhs. Malairaj agrees with them.

Malairaj excuses them and informs to police using his servant phone. Malairaj tries to hold Mayan and Kathi till police arrives. Mayan doubts his behaviours. Malairaj says to him that they looks like Tamil peoples. They are teasing him back. Mayan calls for his assistants but they are not coming.


Malairaj laughs at them and informs to Mayan, he finds out their scam. Mayan and Kathi tries to escape from there but he caught them red handed. Maha comes there with her camera man. She informs to Malairaj it’s a prank. Malairaj didn’t trust them at all. Maha somehow manages him using random channel name. Malairaj finds out Maha is Rathinavel daughter so he forgives her. Maha glares Mayan and Kathi. Maha excuses Malairaj and leaves from there with Mayan and Kathi.

Maha lashes out at Mayan and Kathi for pretending like IT officers. Maha informs to them that Malairaj called Police. If she fails to reach on time then Mayan will be imprison and his property will go out of his hand. Mayan says to Maha that he has no option left in his hand then. They cheated him so he tries to cheat them. Maha says to them it’s not a right path. Mayan asks to Maha how comes she finds it out?


Maha reveals to him that she heard Kathi practicing Malayalam inside the tent. Mayan glares Kathi. Nachiyar is crying seeing her husband photo. She says to him that their childrence are working a lot to get back the property. Please be with them. Nachiyar adds she will die if this house leaves from her hand. Maha and Saranya comes there to console Nachiyar. Saranya says to her she is important to them then this house. Nachiyar replies to them, this house is more important to her.

Episode end.

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