Namak Issk Ka 8th April 2021 Written Update: Yug starts looking for Kahani – “”

Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to confess his feelings to Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the lady telling Kahani she will teach her how to make butter. The lady tells sometimes we have to keep patience and butter will get ready itself and similarly we have to wait for some time and your love will bring Yug to you. Yug asks a man what happened on the day of Holi? He tells him that you confessed your love here. Yug thinks how can he say I love you to Kahani,he is supposed to marry Gunjan and Kahani is the biggest problem of his life and always keeps going somewhere without telling anything. He thinks if Kahani is the biggest problem of my life why am I not happy when she has left? One old man is crying and tells Yug that my grandson got lost. Yug tells him not to worry and his grandson comes there. The kids mother tells they can’t stay without each other and when they are together they keep fighting. Yug remembers Kahani’s taunts to him. Yug tells now he has found the solution to Kahani’s question and he just wants her to come infront of him.


Raunak tells his men to start looking for Kahani. The lady tells you have learned to make butter and you will learn to bring out Yug’s love for you too. Kahani tells I stayed at Yug’s house to find out about my parents but now I have decided I will wait for Ravikant to get well but not at Yug’s house. She asks the lady to bring Rani for her so that she can leave from here. Yug remembers his marriage with Kahani as Oo Sajanva plays in BM. Yug and Kahani recall their moments together.

Ravikant shows some moment when Dolly enters the room. Harsh hits Rani and tells why do you leave forcefully in my house. Rupa tells Harsh to tell sorry to Rani but he runs away from there. Rupa tells it is necessary to be strict with kids to teach them manners. She tells Gunjan to behave properly while taking Kahani or Rani’s name next time. Gunjan tells Saroj first Yug went away from me and now Rupa is talking to me like this.


Yug asks the police to find Kahani quickly. The lady who saved Kahani’s life gives some butter to Yug and tells Kahani made this butter. Yug asks her does she know where is Kahani? The lady tells my neighbors are trying to make Kahani laugh but her laughter is stolen by someone else. The girls tries to make Kahani laugh but she starts crying. A lady tells Iravati that you are powerful but you need to gain more power to defeat Kahani. The lady tells Yug that you have Kahani’s heart so keep it save and tells him to go to Kahani.The girls blindfolds and Kahani and tells her to catch them. Yug runs towards Kahani and she holds him. Yug removes her blindfold and the episode ends on Kahani looking at Yug.

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