Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th March 2021 Written Update: Sharda decides to visit Anu – “”

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandra comforting an upset Mansi. He says that he can’t see her crying and that mug doesn’t define their love. He suggests going for an outing. Sharda comes to their room and feels happy seeing them. She says to Chandra that he had learned to console his wife. Sharda advises Mansi to learn not to make big issues out of small things, and asks her to keep in mind that everyone in the family should be happy. Mansi asks whether she only has to remember this to which Sharda replies that it applies to everyone in the family. She leaves. Chandra says to Mansi that whatever she’s saying is correct, but her way of expressing it is wrong, so others get hurt. He will get upset if anyone of the family members get hurt and he will lose control when he’s upset. He requests Mansi to talk to Sharda happily. Mansi assures him that she will change herself.


At the office Meera and Pankaj are having a talk. Meera asks Pankaj why Surya is disturbed and what happened to which Pankaj replies that she’s acting as if nothing had happened, she would have also noticed how Anu had dressed for the meeting. Meera says that there’s nothing wrong in that dress to get upset. Many staff had wore such dresses including her. She further says that she can’t believe that Surya is upset because of a simple girl like Anu and wonders how could it be possible. Pankaj says that some questions can’t be answered. Meera says that till now she had created many obstacles for Anu, but everything had turned in favor of her, but this time she herself landed in trouble and she feels glad about it. Pankaj says that there’s some magic in Anu, which he felt the moment he had met her. Meera asks him to forget about Anu and thinks how to calm Surya down. Anu got a precious thing, but she doesn’t know to handle it and she thinks that she will lose it very soon.

Anu is upset with whatever happened and is reluctant to go to the office. Ramya suggests an idea. She asks Anu to go to Surya’s house and clear the misunderstanding. Anu doesn’t like the idea and says that she doesn’t even know his house’s address. Ramya questions her if she doesn’t know Surya’s house address, how the T-Shirt that she bought for him went there. Anu gets angry and says that she doesn’t know and leaves from there.


Sharda looks at the necklace that she kept for Surya’s wife and wonders when she will come to this house. She places it in the cupboard. Then she looks at the necklace that she has bought to present Anu and wonders why her heart wants to present a gift to Anu. Sharda decides to visit Anu and gives her the gift. She takes the other necklace by mistake and goes downstairs.

Mansi apologizes to Sharda for her behavior and assures her that she will try to change herself. Sharda reveals to Mansi that Anu is the same girl that she met at the temple and also she mentions that Mansi argued with her parents at the temple. She then tells that she’s going to Anu’s house to present her a gift. She asks Mansi to accompany her, but Mansi refuses saying she doesn’t like visiting the office staff. She asks Sharda to tell Anu’s parents that she felt bad for what had happened the other day at the temple.


The episode ends.

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