Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 19th March 2021 Written Update: Surya gets concerned knowing Anu isn’t well – “”

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 19th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meera talking to Surya’s photo. She says that she can’t live without Surya. She can give up on her 10 years love for him and cries. Ragupathi phones Meera. She asks if Anu and his son’s marriage got fixed again, she saw them together. Ragupathi says that he’s not fool to marry his son to Anu after knowing that they changed their company’s rule. Meera says that if he has any such thoughts not to give up on it. She cuts the call. Ragupathi says to his sister Ranjini that it seems Meera loves Surya, so she asked him to spread rumors about Anu in the colony. He further says that it seems she has a plan against Anu and it will be good if she joins hand with him. He wonders what’s there in Surya that Meera and Anu are behind him.


Anu admires the saree that she got in auction. Pushba and Subu call her to do the friday puja. Anu asks if she can wear this saree today. Pushba says that she can wear it on any special occasion. Anu thinks that she has to meet Sharda, when she will wear this saree. Anu prays to God to solve the misunderstanding between her and Surya. Pushba and Subu talks about finding a good match for Anu which upsets Anu. Subu leaves for his textile shop while Anu leaves for office.

At the office, Chandra tells Surya about ethnic day celebration. Surya asks him to handle all the arrangements. Chandra says that he needs to take Anu’s view on it and asks if she can call her now so that they can discuss. Surya tries to avoid meeting Anu, but Chandra insists. As Anu hasn’t come to the office yet, she calls Anu and puts the phone on speaker. Surya scolds Anu for not coming to the office, nor informing about her leaves. He angrily asks why she hasn’t come to the office. Anu gets scared and lies that she has fever. Surya gets concerned and advises her to take rest and consult a doctor. He adds that she doesn’t need to come to the office and cuts the call. He asks Chandra not to involve Anu in the ethnic day celebration’s arrangements.


Ramya asks Anu why she lied that she has fever. Anu says that Surya was talking angrily and she doesn’t have any other way than lie like a school kid. Anu wonders whether to go to the office, or stay at home. Ramya advises her to talk to Surya and clear the confusion.

Surya is worried for Anu. He calls Pankaj to his cabin urgently. Surya tells Pankaj that Anu isn’t well and says that he doesn’t what to do. Pankaj mockes Surya and jokes. FM comes there and requests for two days leave since her sister’s daughter has fever and admitted in the hospital. They asked to take her blood test. Surya remembers Anu saying she has fever. He grants him leave for FM. He then asks Pankaj to arrange three beds for Anu and his family members immediately. Pankaj says it will not be as serious as he thinks, but Surya asks him to do what he says.


The episode ends.

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