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Pandian Stores 15th March 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Aishwarya opens up to Kannan about her problem. Aishwarya says Kasthuri and Jaga don’t like me, Kasthuri scolds me, they don’t like me being in that home how will I ask them to pay fees, I inform Kasturi but she won’t take it seriously. Kannan shocked. Kannan asks Aishwarya can I talk to Kasthuri about this.


Aishwarya tells him not to talk about this. Aishwarya says I don’t want to stay here, but I have no other go, so I stay here. Kannan worries about Aishwarya. Aishwarya tries to divert the topic. Aishwarya tells Kannan let’s go home. Kannan asks Aishwarya we go and have some snacks, you shared the lunch with me you may hungry. Aishwarya asks Kannan if you have money. Kannan shows two hundred rupees to Aishwarya. Aishwarya agrees.

Kannan and Aishwarya spend quality time together. on the other side, Moorthy comes to the store. Kathir and Kumarasen are in the shop. Kathir and Kumarasen are in the shop. Kumarasen inquires Moorthy about Dhanam. Moorthy replies that Dhanam is perfectly alright. Moorthy inquires Kathir about Jeeva. Kathir says he has not come yet. Moorthy gets a call from the customer. The customer asks to deliver the goods. Moorthy tells Kathir to deliver the goods. Moorthy opens the cash box there is no money in that.


Moorthy gets upset and asks Kumarasen. Kumarasen informs Moorthy that today there is no much business. Kumarasen tells Moorthy that everyone goes to Meenakshi supermarket no one will come to our shop. Moorthy’s business takes a hit when people decide to shop at Meenakshi supermarket. Moorthy notices that and gets upset. Moorthy fears the worst. Moorthy tells Kathir to take care of the store. Moorthy goes to deliver.

On the way to deliver Moorthy notices the Meenakshi supermarket. In that supermarket, there are a lot of people. Moorthy notices Jeeva sits at the counter. Moorthy recalled what Janardhan’s manager has said. Moorthy looks at the supermarket and goes for delivery. The latter, Kathir says Moorthy that decide decides to shop at Meenakshi supermarket.


Jeeva urges Meena to phone Janardhan. Meena refuses. Jeeva laments that I have to go. Moorthy says to Kathir that I saw the supermarket there are a lot of people in that supermarket. Moorthy says I am glad to see Jeeva in the counter and says I don’t know if I am going to make you sit like this. Moorthy worries. Kathir comforts Moorthy.

Dhanam and Kannan are sitting together. Kannan is busy on the phone. Dhanam asks Kannan what is on the phone. At that moment, Kasthuri and Aishwarya come to Moorthy’s home. Kasthuri inquires Dhanam about her health. Kasthuri tells her to stay safe. Aishwarya talks to Dhanam. Kasthuri tells her to be quiet.

Aishwarya becomes sad. Dhanam asks Kasthuri why are you scolding Aishwarya. Kasthuri says she is a burden to me. Aishwarya speaks. Kasthuri lashes out at Aishwarya in front of Dhanam and Kannan. Aishwarya goes inside and cries.


with this, the episode ends.

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