Pandian Stores 17th February 2021 Written Update: Another trouble for Gopinath – add “”

Pandian Stores 17th February 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Moorthy chatting with Gopi and Bakkiya. Gopi tries to escape from the place. Lakshmi asks Gopi about Ramamoorthy. Iniya phones Ramamoorthy. Ramamoorthy, Eshwari, Cheyyan, Jenny sit and watching TV. Ramamoorthy takes the call. Bakkiya informs that we are at your sister Lakshmi’s home. Ramamoorthy becomes overjoy.


Bakkiya says we met them at the temple. They invited us home. Ramamoorthy is happy. Eshwari gets angry listening to the conversation.Lakshmi asks Bakkiya for the phone. Bakkiya gives the phone to Lakshmi. Lakshmi speaks to Ramamoorthy. Eshwari is angry.

Later, Moorthy talks to Ramamoorthy. Moorthy asks Ramamoorthy to give the phone to Eshwari. Eshwari refuses to speak. Ramamoorthy urges Eshwari to speak. Ramamoorthy puts the phone on the speaker. later, Eshwari speaks to Moorthy in English.


Moorthy says that Eshwari speaks only in English. Lakshmi humiliates Eshwari. All giggles. Lakshmi invites Ramamoorthy home. Ramamoorthy ends the call by saying I will come.

Bakkiya says Ramamoorthy asks to visit the Pandian home.Lakshmi says I saw you twenty years ago in your marriage. We didn’t have much contact after that. Gopi asks Bakkiya shall we go. Bakkiya agrees. Dhanam tells her to stay here. Gopi refuses. Moorthy asks Bakkiya and Gopi to stay here.


Gopi refuses and says we will come back later. Bakkiya tells we came to perform ritual in the family diety. Moorthy says he will arrange everything. We will together perfom it. Mulla tells she got the token tomorrow she is going to perform. Gopi says we are leaving. Lakshmi says we are here why are you staying in the hotel. Stay at home.

Gopi refuses. Moorthy and his family urge Gopi. Gopi let’s Bakkiya to stay at Moorthy’s home. Bakkiya is stunned. Moorthy asks Gopi to stay. Gopi refuses to stay at Moorthy’s despite his presistance. Moorthy sends Gopi on the way. Jeeva, Kathir return from shop.

Moorthy introduces Jeeva, Kathir to Gopi. Kathir tells Gopi to stay here. Gopi says I have some work. I came here for business work. Jeeva questions Gopi. Gopi tries to escape from that place.


Moorthy says how will you stay alone in the room. I send Kannan with you. He will help you. Gopi says I will take care. Kathir tells Kannan to go with Gopi. Kannan agrees. Gopi tries to avoid Kannan.Later, they send Gopi with Kannan.

Mulla brings a mat and pillow for Iniya and Bakkiya. Bakkiya is on cloud nine. Bakkiya loves Moorthy’s home and family members. She tells that to Dhanam. Later, Dhanam and Bakkiyalakshmi discuss their families.

Dhanam says that Moorthy’s brothers are young when I marry Moorthy. Bakkiya says I married Iniya’s father in a young age. I have children. I like Ezhil the most. Ezhil always comforts me. Iniya says my mother always works. Bakkiya says that Cheeyan married Jenny after many difficulties. I am going to do a ritual for him.. Dhanam, Bakkiya spend quality time together.


with this the episode ends.

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