Pandian Stores 18th February 2021 Written Update: Bakkiya opens up – “”

Pandian Stores 18th February 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Gopi, Kannan reach the hotel. Gopi tries to avoid Kannan. Kannan gets excited when he sees the room.Gopi tells him to sit. He goes to washroom. Kannan gets excited and jump on the bed. Gopi notices and questions Kannan. Kannan says I have not seen this bed. Later, Gopi tells him to sleep he goes outside. Kannan is scared and tells him to come soon.


Kannan asks for a food. Gopi tells him to order the food. Kannan tells Gopi to come soon. Gopi says I have work. Gopi tells him not to wait for me, you sleep. Kannan asks him where are you going? when will you come? Gopi gets tenses. Kannan says I feel bored. Gopi tells him to watch TV. Kannan agrees and asks for the number to order food. Gopi says the number and walk out.

Gopi rings the bell in Radhika’s room. Later, he goes inside. Gopi says I met the relative, my parents are staying there. I came here to spend time with you. Radhika smiles. Kannan watching TV. He feels bored. He is trying to sleep. He turns off the light and tries to sleep.


Gopi asks Radhika if you had dinner. Radhika I am waiting for my friend. She said she will join for dinner, but still she has not come .Gopi says don’t trust them. Radhika says Bakkiya may be forgetten or busy.

Kannan wakes up scared. He calls Moorthy and says I am alone in the room. Moorthy inquires about Gopi. Kannan says he goes out for work. Kannan asks Gopi number. Moorthy informs Bakkiya about this. Iniya phones Gopi. Gopi and Radhika spend time together. Gopi come out of the room to talk.


Bakkiya asks Gopi where are you. Gopi is shocked. Bakkiya says Kannan is alone in the room and he is scared. Gopi lashes out at Bakkiya. I came here for work. I will not stay with him. Bakkiya doesn’t know what to tell. Gopi ends the call. Bakkiya tells Moorthy that he is busy at work. Moorthy gets Gopi’s number from Bakkiya.

Moorthy calls Kannan and informs that he is busy with work. Kannan asks Gopi’s number. Moorthy sends Gopi’s number to Kannan. Gopi and Radhika spend time together. Kannan calls Gopi and tells him to come soon.

Gopi lashes out at Kannan. Kannan is upset. Bakkiya, Dhanam discuss their families. Next day, Bakkiya wakes up early in the morning and puts kolam. Dhanam gives her clothes to Bakkiya. Kannan sleeps alone in the room. Gopi rings the bell. Kannan opens the door. Kannan reminds quiet. Gopi orders a coffee and milk.


Bakkiya prepares a food. Dhanam, Mulla, Meena ask Bakkiya to take rest. Bakkiya opens up to Dhanam, Mulla, Meena. Iniya serves coffee to Moorthy and his brothers.Moorthy inquires about Bakkiya to Iniya. Jeeva says she is busy in kitchen. Iniya shares everything to Family. Dhanam, Bakkiya, Mulla, Meena spend quality time together.

with this the episode ends.

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