Pandian Stores 18th March 2021 Written Update: Friction arises between Mulla and Meena – “”

Pandian Stores 18th March 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kannan looks at the wardrobe. Kannan plans to steal the money from the home. Kannan is in dilemma. Aishwarya’s words echo Kannan. He scared to get money from the wardrobe. He walks here and there. Kathir asks Kannan why are you walking here and there.


Mulla comes stands before Kathir. Kathir looks at Mulla and says I will learn everything don’t show you sad face to me. Kannan slowly moves from the place. Kannan gets the wardrobe key and steals the money to help Aishwarya. Kannan keeps the key at it as an escape from that room. Kathir informs Mulla and goes to the shop.

Kannan fears the worst after steals the money from the wardrobe. Kannan keeps bending over without looking at Mulla’s face. Mulla asks him to stop. Kannan fears the worst when she tells him to stop. Mulla asks Kannan you don’t want pocket money. Kannan refuses and leaves the place. On the other side, Jeeva getting ready to shop. Meena tells him to bring one pencil. Jeeva asks Meena why you need a pencil. Meena says I will draw. Jeeva insults Meena.


Meena tells him to go to the supermarket. Jeeva refuses and says I won’t go there. Meena tells Jeeva how Janardhan alone will take care of everything. Jeeva is adamant and says I won’t go. Meena says if I am free I will take care. Meena says you are jealous of the supermarket. Jeeva says Janardhan opens the supermarket on purpose. He plans to hit our Pandian stores.

Meena argues with Jeeva. Jeeva insults Meena and her family and leaves. Kannan picks up Aishwarya and both are on the way to college. Aishwarya laments to Kannan that I won’t pay the fee why are take me to college. Kannan tells her that I will take care. On the way to college, Kannan stops the scooter and prays to God for his mistake.


Janardhan looks around to the supermarket. Janardhan’s manager asks Janardhan where Jeeva is. Janardhan tells how he comes every day. Janardhan asks his Manager what people are speaking about the supermarket. The manager replies that your business hit other small stores even your business hit Pandian store. Janardhan is on cloud nine after hears that.

Aishwarya keeps on laments. The latter, Kannan and Aishwarya reach college. Aishwarya says they are going to send me out of the class. Kannan gives the money to Aishwarya and tells her to pay the fees. Aishwarya gets the money.

later, Kannan’s friends question Kannan about money. Kannan says I steal money from home. On the other side, in home Dhanam and Mulla chop vegetables. Meena comes and sits with them. Mulla confronts Meena making fun of Kathir. Mulla tells Meena not to mock Kathir. Mulla is in a fit of rage with Meena. Mulla goes inside. Dhanam advises Meena to not make fun of Kathir.


Kannan’s friends ask Kannan what will you tell the family about money. Kannan fears the worst.

with this, the episode ends.

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