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Pandian Stores 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Iniya serving coffee to Moorthy and his brothers. Moorthy asks Iniya about Bakkiya. Iniya says she is in kitchen. She spends most of her the time in kitchen. My mother is going to start a small business, so that we came here to visit the family diety. Kannan says I don’t like your father.


He will not speak freely. Iniya says he is always be like this, he never speaks freely to my mother freely. He would always scolds her. Iniya pours about Gopi to Moorthy and his brothers.

Gopi looks at Radhika romantically. Ramamoorthy teases Eshwari. Cheyyan asks Jenny shall I order food. Eshwari says I prepared, no need to order food. Jenny’s parents arrives. Ramamoorthy and his family welcome Jenny’s parents.


Radhika asks Gopi let’s go. Gopi agrees and take her to godwon in his car. Moorthy asks his brothers what will we say to Radhika. Jeeva tells Moorthy to give some money. Lakshmi tells Moorthy to negotiate the price. Kathir says we talked to her and she reduced the price. Moorthy says we will pay a initial amount. Jeeva, Kathir agree. Kathir tells Moorthy to ask for time to pay. Moorthy agrees and goes to godown with his brothers.

Ezhil serves juice for Jenny’s parents. Jenny’s father thanks Ezhil. Jenny’s mother inquires Jenny about Bakkiya. Ramamoorthy says she went to Kunakudi.Jeeva, Kathir, Moorthy,are waiting for Radhika. Gopi tells to Radhika that I will talk to the buyer. Radhika agrees.


Jenny’s father says we are here to give Pongal varusai. Mariam asks Jenny when will Bakkiya come? Ezhil replies she will come tomorrow. Eshwari says the house is deserted without Bakiya. Mariam asks Jenny who will prepare the food. Eshwari says I prepare food.

Gopi and Radhika come to godwon. Radhika says they are waiting for them. Gopi notices Moorthy and his brothers and fears the worst. Gopi tries to escape from that place. Radhika urges Gopi to get down. Gopi lies to Radhika and escapes from the place.

Moorthy notices Gopi. Moorthy informs Jeeva that Gopi is in the car. Radhika comes alone to talk to Moorthy. Radhika asks Moorthy what you decide?. Moorthy replies that I agree to your deal. Radhika is happy.


Moorthy asks for time to pay the amount. Radhika asks Moorthy not to extend the time. Moorthy says that we will try to pay the amount as soon as possible. Radhika accepts. Moorthy I will pay the initial amount tomorrow. Radhika agrees. Moorthy tells Radhika to come home and get money. Radhika hesitates.

Moorthy invites Radhika home to get money. Radhika agrees. Jenny’s parents give the pongal vasurai to Ramamoorthy. Iniya,Kannan, Kathir, Mulla spend some quality time together. Kannan teases Iniya.
later, Family is getting ready to go to temple.Moorthy phones Gopi and tells him to go to temple. Gopi ends the call without proper respond. Radhika gets suspicious. Radhika questions Gopi the reason behind it angst.

with this the episode ends.


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