Pandian Stores 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Bakkiya praises the brothers – “”

Pandian Stores 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with.Bakkiya shares the business matter with Moorthy, Jeeva and Kathir. Kathir and his brothers support Bakkiya and say we will help you. Bakkiya gets emotional. Kathir comforts Bakkiya and says we are for you. Bakkiya says thank you to Moorthy and his brothers.


From now on, Jeeva says we will sell your products. Bakkiya bows and thank Moorthy and his brothers. Family is stunned when Bakkiya bows her head and says thank you.

Moorthy and his family comfort Bakkiya. Eshwari, Ramamoorthy, Cheyyan are sitting and chatting. Jenny brings hot water for Eshwari. Eshwari teases Jenny. Ezhil is ready to go to Kunakudi. Ezhil informs the family. Ramamoorthy tells Ezhil that I want to come with you. Ezhil tells him to come. Ramamoorthy asks Ezhil to wait for while. Eshwari tells Ramamoorthy not to go.


Ramamoorthy says I decide to go, I did not ask your permission, I will go. Ezhil supports Ramamoorthy. Cheyyan asks Ezhil if you want money. Ezhil teases Cheyyan. Ramamoorthy is ready. Ezhil and Ramamoorthy inform the family and go to Kunakudi.

Gopi spends time with Radhika. Bakkiya, Iniya, Meena, Mulla are chatting together. Bakkiya speaks highly of Moorthy, Kathir and Jeeva. Bakkiya loves Moorthy’s family and share this with Dhanam. Bakkiya realizes that I am going to my house tomorrow. Mulla, Meena, Dhanam tell her to stay. Bakkiya says nothing would be perfect without me. I have to go.


Bakkiya informs that my son Ezhil is coming tomorrow. Dhanam, Mulla, Meena are eager to see Ezhil. Dhanam asks Mulla what to prepare for tomorrow. Mulla says tomorrow we are going to celebrate pongal. Dhanam says that Pongal alone is not enough. We have to prepare other side as well. Dhanam says I will prepare everything and asks Mulla for help. Mulla agrees.

Dhanam and Mulla count the members. Bakkiya says don’t worry about preparing food. I will prepare everything.Dhanam asks her to take rest. Bakkiya says I will prepare everything. Dhanam brings water to Moorthy. Moorthy tells Dhanam that nowadays we don’t have time to spend together. Dhanam says I like Bakkiya. I spend most of the time with Bakkiya. She loves us so much. she is so innocent.

Moorthy informs Dhanam about spotting Gopi and Radhika together. Moorthy suspects that Radhika is Gopi’s friend. Moorthy gets suspicious. Moorthy tells Dhanam not to reveal this to anyone. Dhanam agrees. Kannan and Iniya chat together. Kannan asks Iniya to study in Kunakudi. Iniya disagrees. Mulla and Kathir overhears the conversation and come in front of them. Kannan and Iniya chat together. Gopi notices Kannan and Iniya together.


Iniya tells Gopi that Kannan is going to stay at our house. Gopi tells Iniya to go inside. Bakkiya, Meena, Mulla, Dhanam spend time together. Dhanam questions Bakkiya about Gopi. Bakkiya trusts Gopi and she shares with Dhanam. Later, Gopi, Moorthy, Kathir, Jeeva chat together. Gopi goes inside. Jeeva tells Moorthy to questions Gopi.

with this the episode ends…

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