Pandian Stores 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Ezhil and Ramamoorthy arrive to Moorthy’s home – “”

Pandian Stores 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with.. Jeeva is urging Moorthy to question Gopi about spotting Radhika and Gopi together. Kathir is confused. Jeeva shares Kathir about spotting Gopinath and Radhika together.


Gopi is coming. Moorthy questions Gopi. Gopi is stunned and lies to Moorthy. Moorthy and his brothers get suspicious. Later, Moorthy tells Gopi to stay here. Gopi refuses. Kathir tells Gopi that Bakkiya informs that you will stay. Gopi insults Bakkiya’s words. Later, he informs the family and leaves. Bakkiya tells Gopi to stay here. He refuses and says don’t force me, I can’t stay in the nest and insults Moorthy’s house. Bakkiya tells him to speak slowly.

Later, Bakkiya tells Gopi that the family is going to celebrate pongal function tomorrow, can I invite my friend Radhika to the function. Gopi lashes out at Bakkiya. Gopi tells you are staying as a guest in this house, you are inviting your friend. Bakkiya tells they will not say anything. Gopi insults Bakkiya and asks her not to call anyone and leaves.


Bakkiya is upset. Dhanam overhears the conversation and asks Bakkiya to call her friend Radhika. Moorthy informs Dhanam that property owner will come home tomorrow. Moorthy tells Dhanam to cook for her. Dhanam agrees. Dhanam tells Moorthy that Bakkiya is going to invite her friend to the function. Moorthy asks Bakkiya to invite her friend. Bakkiya is happy.

Gopi arrives to Radhika’s room. Radhika plans to have dinner with Gopi, but Gopi ate at Moorthy’s home. Later, Gopi orders a food for Radhika. Gopi tells Radhika to get ready tomorrow. Radhika feels guilty. Radhika says I agreed to sell the godwon with Moorthy. Gopi tells Radhika that Moorthy is not having that much money, Janardhan is ready to give the money, why should we miss the opportunity. Gopi tells Radhika not to see sins for them.


Bakkiya phones Radhika. Gopi goes to the room. Bakkiya invites Radhika to the pongal function. Radhika says I have work tomorrow, i will come after that. Bakkiya agrees. Next day, family get up early and decor the home for pongal function. Murugan chats with Moorthy. Ezhil and Ramamoorthy arrive to Moorthy’s home. Bakkiya is happy to see Ezhil and Ramamoorthy. Family is stunned yo see Ramamoorthy. Ramamoorthy is identical as Murugan.

Moorthy invites Ramamoorthy and Ezhil. Later, Moorthy introduces family members to Ramamoorthy. Lakshmi inquires about Eshwari. The Family is on cloud nine. Later, Iniya takes a family photo. Ramamoorthy and Murugan take a photo together. Jeeva and Kathir decor the walls. Moorthy asks Jeeva to count the money. Kathir asks Moorthy today we are going to pay the initial amount. Bakkiya asks are you busy. Moorthy shares that godown matter and future plans with Bakkiya. Bakkiya encourage them.

Later, Ezhil chats with Kathir and Jeeva. Family spend time quality time together. Bakkiya, Dhanam, Mulla are busy with kitchen. Dhanam shares her past memories with Bakkiya and Mulla. Moorthy and his brothers call Radhika.


with this the episode ends…

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