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Pandian Stores 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with.. Jeeva and Kathir are decorating the home for pongal function. Family send quality time together. Moorthy and hod brothers are waiting for Radhika. Janardhan is in register office. He arranges everything in the register office.


Family is getting ready to celebrate pongal function. All well dressed and spend quality time together. Lakshmi, Moorthy, Ramamoorthy, Murugan are sitting together and chat about thier past memories. Lakshmi asks Ramamoorthy why you were not invited to your grandson’s wedding. Ramamoorthy says it happened all of a sudden, he loved a Christian girl, So, we arranged everything quickly.

Moorthy asks Ramamoorthy about Gopi. Ramamoorthy says he is an only child, so we raised him with so much love, so he doesn’t know how to mingle with others. Murugan invites Ramamoorthy to his house. Ramamoorthy says I will come next time. Later, Murugan informs Ramamoorthy that I have some urgent. Ramamoorthy and Moorthy tell him to stay for a while. Murugan says I have work to do and leaves.


Constanlty, Jeeva, Moorthy, Kathir look at the entrance. Jeeva asks Moorthy Did she call you? Moorthy says I tried the phone but she would not pick it up. Moorthy becomes sad. Kathir tells Jeeva to try the phone with Radhika.

Radhika and Gopi arrive to Register office. Janardhan tells them that the registration paper work will be complete in ten to twenty minutes. Gopi says we will wait. Janardhan asks Bakkiya can I pay the money now. Radhika tells him to pay the money after registration. Janardhan agrees and goes inside.


Jeeva tries to call Radhika. She will not take it. Radhika puts her phone in the car. Moorthy gets scared. Dhanam asks Moorthy let’s gets started. Moorthy and his brothers are sad. Dhanam asks Jeeva what happened.

Moorthy says she would not pick the phone. Kathir says she may be on the way, wait for a while. Bakkiya calls Gopi. He would not pick the phone. Ezhil tries the call Gopi. Iniya looks at the well. She doesn’t know how to fetch water from the well. Kannan teaches Iniya. Iniya is overjoy.

Family arrive at celebration venue. Moorthy says we will wait for Gopi. Ramamoorthy says he is busy, don’t wait for him. we will start. Lakshmi says how can we start without him. we will wait for a while. Moorthy becomes sad. Lakshmi questions Moorthy the reason behind the sadness. Moorthy says the property owner will not pick up the phone.


Mulla tells them to call from another phone. Moorthy asks Dhanam to bring her phone. Moorthy says the number. Bakkiya suspects that this is Radhika’s number. Bakkiya asks Moorthy for the name of the property owner name. Moorthy says Radhika.

Bakkiya phones Radhika. Radhika picks you the call and says I am in register office, I will talk you afterwards and ends the call. Dhanam cries.Bakkiya goes to Register office with Ezhil. Bakkiya is going to sign. Bakkiya stops Radhika.

with this the episode ends.


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