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Pandian Stores 6th April 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Mulla reads aloud. The family gets suspicious of Mulla and Kathir. They arrive at Kathir’s room. Dhanam calls Kathir. Kathir hides the books from the family. Kathir and Mulla fear the worst when the family enters the room. Moorthy questions Kathir about the loud noise. Meena looks around the room.
Kathir lies to Moorthy. Meena suspects Mulla and Kathir. Later, Meena walks out saying I will find out the truth.


The family leaves the room. Kathir and Mulla heave a sigh of relief when the family goes out. Mulla motivates Kathir to pursue his educational dreams. Kathir listens to Mulla. Mulla tells him not to change his mindset. Mulla advises Kathir to write the exam. Kathir is in dilemma. Mulla tells Kathir obstacles will come you have to face it. Kathir listens to Mulla and shakes his head as she gives advice.

Mulla tells him to swear that I will write the exam no matter how many obstacles come my way. Kathir swears to Mulla. Mulla tells him to spend time in study. Kathir agrees and says I will write the exam. Mulla tells him to secure more marks in the exam. Kathir says I will pass don’t expect more marks. Mulla motivates him to secure more marks. Kathir agrees and getting ready for the shop. Mulla advises him to study whenever you are free in the shop. Kathir refuses.


Mulla hides the books and tells him to come after five minutes. Kathir agrees and leaves the room after five minutes. Moorthy, Lakshmi, Dhanam spend quality time together. On the other side in Jeeva’s room. Jeeva is getting ready to go to the shop. Meena asks Jeeva what are you looking dull today? Jeeva says it’s sunny so that I am looking dull. Meena pours a powder on his face. Jeeva looks at the face in the mirror. At that moment,
Janardhan phones Meena and inquiries about Jeeva to Meena.

Jeeva shows a gesture to Meena that I am not in the home. Meena tells Janardhan that he is outside. Meena inquires about his health. Janardhan says I slipped and fell in the bathroom. Meena asks him is this anything serious. Janardhan says I am alright doctor advises to take a rest and says there is no one to take care of in the supermarket. Jeeva overhears the conversation and shows the gesture to Meena. Janardhan asks Meena to send Jeeva to look after the supermarket. Jeeva shows the gesture when she talks to Janardhan. Meena ends the call.


Meena tells Jeeva to look after the supermarket. Jeeva refuses to go to the supermarket. The family is spending quality time together. Meena informs the family that Janardhan slipped in the bathroom and there is no one to take care of the supermarket. Meena requests Moorthy to send Jeeva to the supermarket. Jeeva refuses to go to the supermarket.

Meena decides to take care of the supermarket. She asks permission from the family. Later, Mulla is preparing notes for Kathir. Dhanam questions Mulla about the books. Mulla fumbles when Dhanam questions Mulla.

with this, the episode ends.


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