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Pandian Stores 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kannan unloads Aishwarya near her house. Kannan tells Aishwarya that we came home quickly today. Kannan asks Aishwarya I will drop you off at your house. Aishwarya says if you are ready to face Kasthuri, you can drop me off at my house. Kannan gets scared and leaves. Aishwarya looks at Kannan.


Kannan stops the bike and follows her. In Aishwarya area, the boys are playing Kabadi. Aishwarya looks at them and gives the college bag to Kannan and goes and plays Kabadi. She plays very well. Kannan looks at Aishwarya when she plays Kabaddi. On the other hand, Kasthuri returns from the market. Aishwarya is playing Kabaddi. Kannan notices Kasthuri and hides. Kasthuri calls Aishwarya when she plays Kabaddi.

Kasthuri comes to the kabaddi spot and scolds her in front of everyone. Kannan puts her bag and leaves the spot. Kasthuri beats her with a drumstick. Kasthuri takes Aishwarya home with her. Meena comes to the supermarket. Janardhan sits with Meena at the supermarket. Meena tells him to go and take a rest. Janardhan refuses to take a rest. Meena looks after the supermarket. Janardhan questions Meena about Jeeva. Meena says he looks after the Pandian store. Janardhan gets annoyed when Jeeva is not ready to look after the supermarket.


Meena asks Janardhan why you opened the supermarket if you are not ready to look after it. Janardhan says I opened this for Jeeva, he will look after this. Meena says he will not look after the supermarket. The customer comes to the counter. Janardhan tells her to the bill. Janardhan tells the customer to get the compliments will going. Meena advises Janardhan not to give compliments. Janardhan says these are all business strategies. Meena tells him to look for a person who will take care of the supermarket.

On the other hand, Dhanam is taking care of Kayal. Kayal wakes up and cries. Dhanam prepares food and feeds her. Kayal cries without eating. Dhanam and Mulla try to comfort Kayal but she screams terribly. Kannan comes home from college. Kayal screams terribly. Dhanam tries to feed her but she cries without eating. The family tries to comforts Kayal. Dhanam tells Mulla to phone Meena. Mulla phones Meena but network problem. Dhanam gets up and tries to comfort Kayal but she screams terribly. Dhanam scares when Kayal cries. Dhanam tells Kannan to inform Meena about Kayal. Kannan comes to the supermarket and informs Kayal about Meena. Meena says there is no one to look after the supermarket. Janardhan tells her to go home and says I will take care. Meena says how will you take care alone.


Meena asks Kannan are you free now. Kannan says I don’t have any work now. Meena tells him to look after the supermarket for a while and goes home. Kayal is sleeping in the home. The family questions Meena about Kannan. Meena informs that he is taking care of the supermarket.

with this, the episode ends.

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