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Pandian Stores 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Kathir comes up with an idea to improve their business. Kathir suggests to deliver the product on the doorsteps so the customer doesn’t buy the products anywhere other than the Pandian store. The family disapproves of his idea. Kathir regrets when the family disapproves of his idea. Kathir thinks about it without sleeping. Mulla sees him and questions, why are you walking here and there.


Kathir says Mulla that this idea will surely pay off. Kathir says our business will improve if we deliver the goods on the doorsteps. He firmly believes that his idea will pay off. Mulla tells him to talk about this idea once again to their family. Kathir says they already disapprove of my idea. Mulla tells him to talk to their family with confidence. Mulla encourages him. Later, Mulla and Kathir quality time together.

The Next day, The family sits together and drinking coffee. Kathir brings an electric bike and invites the family to see the electric bike. The family looks at the bike and begins to question Kathir. Kathir keeps quiet without answering. Kathir takes the family inside and talks about his idea once again to their family. Moorthy intervenes and going to say something when Kathir shares his idea. Kathir tells him to listen for a while.


The family listens to Kathir. Kathir talks confidently with his family about his idea. Kathir says this idea will surely improve our business. Kathir says I will take care of the delivery of the goods. Kathir tells the family that this is my friend’s bike, he is in Chennai, whenever he comes that time alone we will give it to him otherwise he doesn’t need his bike. Kathir says that this bike can be used to deliver goods and that this bike does not need petrol. Jeeva accepts Kathir’s idea and tells Moorthy to give chance for Kathir.

Moorthy finally gives the nod to Kathir’s idea. Kathir becomes overjoy when Moorthy nods to his idea. Dhanam asks Kathir how will you advertise this idea to the villagers. The family comes up with an idea to support Kathir’s idea. Kannan tells him to get the fancy number for delivery. Dhanam tells Kathir to arrange a poster. Jeeva says I will get a fancy number. Kathir says I will take care of the poster.


The family approves Kathir’s idea. Mulla shows thumbs up to Kathir. The latter, Jeeva and Kathir are eating breakfast. Meena comes with Kayal and informs Dhanam that I am going to the supermarket. Dhanam asks Meena why are you going. Meena says yesterday I won’t finish the account I will finish and come soon. Dhanam says her to leave Kayal and go. Meena says I will take Kayal with me. Mulla intervenes and tells her to leave Kayal and go. Meena lashes out at Mulla. Friction arises between Mulla and Meena. Jeeva and Kathir try to comfort them. Dhanam says it’s not new this type of friction often arises between them.

with this, the episode ends.

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