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Pandya Store 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara apologizing to Shiva and blesses him. Then Dhara apologizes to Raavi and hugs her crying. Raavi thinks that she loved and respected Dhara lot, but she made fun of her life. She thinks that she will never forgive Dhara for that. Raavi cries hugging Prafula. Rishita asks Dev why Raavi is doing so much drama and how she dared to marry him. She asks Dev if he liked Raavi too. Dev asks her to be quiet. Jagat tells Raavi to trust God’s decision. Gautam asks Shiva to take Mama and Mami’s blessings. Shiva takes Jagat’s blessings. Kanta kaki calls the couple to have sweets. Shiva says that he doesn’t want to have any sweets. Kanta says that it’s a part of the ritual and have to do it.


Later Prafula asks Jagat why he agreed for Raavi and Shiva’s marriage and cries. Jagat says this is the right decision for Raavi. Prafula says this marriage is their biggest lost. Jagat reminds her that because of her they lost the mills and Anita’s life got ruined. Prafula says that she can rectify her mistake by getting Anita married to anyone, but he can’t rectify his mistake. She angrily walks away.

Both the couple get seated to have the sweets. Rishita asks to bring all type of sweets, as today is a very special day for her. Raavi cries hearing this. Shiva looks at Raavi. Other hand Prafula bumps into Hardik. The latter drops the gifts. Prafula apologizes to him and offers to help him. Here Rishita asks to bring jelabi for Dev as he likes it lot. Shiva looks on. Prafula gets an idea. She pretends to have back pain and asks Anita to help Hardik. Prafula pushes a stand over Anita’s leg. Anita shouts in pain. Prafula asks Hardik to take Anita home. Anita opposes, but Prafula convinces her.


Rishita gives different poses to the cameraman. The cameraman asks Shiva to feed sweet to his wife to click photo. Shiva gets angry, but Dhara calms him down. Rishita asks the cameraman to take her and Dev’s photo as their marriage isn’t a forced marriage. She tries to feed sweet to Dev. The family looks on. Raavi cries hard and walks away. Shiva also leaves from there. Dhara goes after them. Dev feels bad seeing all this.

Rishita insists Dev to smile for the photoshoot. Dev is about to leave, she stops him and asks if he isn’t happy with the marriage. Dev says that he’s not happy because his family is in shock, but she wants to celebrate. Rishita says that they got married after overcoming lot of obstacles, their love won. Dev says that they can celebrate it another day. Rishita says that day will not be their wedding day. She adds that she has full right to be happy on her own wedding. She asks the cameraman to click their photos, but Dev walks away.


Raavi comes out of the venue followed by Shiva and Dhara. She notices her and Dev’s name banner on the car. She cries. Raavi is about to throw it away, but Dhara stops her. Raavi turns her face from Dhara and sits in the car. Shiva asks Dhara to sit with Raavi in the back seat. However Dhara says that she has to go home and make arrangements for their post marriage rituals and asks Shiva to sit with Raavi.

Rishita comes there. She takes the banner from Dhara’s hand. She tears the banner in front of Raavi and throws the part where Raavi’s name is written away shocking everyone. Gautam tells Rishita that her act will not reduce Raavi’s status in the family and adds that they both are the family’s daughters-in-law and have to stay under one roof.

The episode ends.


Precap: Rishita stops Dhara from taking aarti saying Dhara isn’t Dev’s mother. The family looks shocked.

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