Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 16th March 2021 Written Update: Omkar decides to stay in Jabalpur for a week. – “”

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: What will be Omkar’s next step to stop the marriage?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar carrying Tara and taking her to home while Mayura keeps shouting to let her meet once. Bodyguard stops her and says she cannot meet them. Mayura however requests him to give apple juice to Tara. At Omkar’s home, Manjiri brings bottle filled of Narmada river and says they will make Tara bath with it after going back. She says Omkar’s decision to go back asap is right. Omkar says he cannot stay in the city which separated him from his daughter as soon as they came here. Tara asks Omkar to let her meet angel godmother before leaving. Omkar says her angel can come anywhere and asks her to pack her toys.


Mayura tells Sulekha about Tara and wonders if her Tara is also grown up now. Ashutosh asks Mayura not to find her Tara in someone else. Mayura says she just wants to meet her once and she feels something is incomplete. While Omkar is taking Tara, she faints at the door. Mayura feels uneasy and thinks if her daughter and girl whom she met are safe. She prays to goddess for their safety.

Doctor asks them to get tests done for Tara. Manjiri says they have flight ticket and needs to go back now. Doctor recommends Omkar to meet certain specialist Dr Khanna who is in Jabalpur just for two weeks. Mayura asks goddess to give her some sign that she will meet that girl again. A flower falls towards her. Omkar decides to stay in Jabalpur and get Tara treated from Dr Khanna.


Tara gets very happy knowing that they aren’t going back. She jumps around happily. Omkar asks her to finish her food or else he will take her back. He feeds her with his hands and she says even angel mother fed her yesterday. Manjiri comes there and provokes Omkar against angel mother and asks if in one week Mayura meets Tara. Omkar says they will meet doctor secludedly when no one is around. Omkar takes Tara to hospital and she asks about angel mother again. Omkar says angel has to go to check other kids. Tara says she is angels favourite so angel mother will surely come to meet her.

Manjiri shows Mayura and her family pics to bodyguards and asks them to keep them away from Tara. Mayura also comes to same hospital. Tara gets afraid seeing doctor. Doctor says he needs to talk to Tara alone to get correct diagnosis as her reports are normal.
Mayura begs nurse to tell her anything about the girl whom she had brought yesterday. Nurse tells her that they are big people and she cannot details or else she may lose her job. But later she informs Mayura about Tara being at same hospital and having appointment with Dr Khanna. Mayura runs to find his chamber.


Manjiri comes and informs Omkar that heavy storm is arriving in Jabalpur. Dr Khanna asks Tara what she wants to do the most. She says she wants to play with other kids and go outside but her father doesn’t allow her to do so. Dr takes Tara outside in garden. Mayura asks other doctor about Tara. She asks if she is her angel godmother. Mayura feels happy knowing Tara talked about her. Doctor says she will ask her father to let her meet Mayura.

Omkar goes and fights with doctor as he brought Tara outside. Tara gets afraid seeing them arguing. She climbs and gets up inside truck. Mayura sees her through glass door and gets worried. The truck starts moving and Mayura runs behind it to save Tara. Omkar panics seeing Tara missing. Tara keeps crying for truck to stop. Mayura falls on road while chasing it.

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