Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th March 2021 Written Update: Mayura realizes Tara is her daughter. – “”

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar going towards the shop and heavy winds blow. Omkar reaches shop and finds Tara with shopkeeper. He asks her if she is hurt anywhere. Shopkeeper says she has just fainted and asks him to take her to doctor. Omkar asks about lady whom he spoke to on phone, shopkeeper says she had some work so she left. While Omkar is taking Tara back, Mayura standing behind tries to stop him but Ashutosh stops her instead and makes her realize she cannot get Tara like this. Mayura gets hysteric and says she wants her daughter. She feels guilty that she was one who called Omkar and informed about Tara.


At Omkar’s home, doctor tells Omkar that Tara’s lungs are filled with fluid and he needs to do a small operation. He asks Omkar to go outside room but Omkar insists on staying there. Manjiri asks if surgery will leave a scar on Tara’s body, Omkar gets worried and asks the same to doctor. Doctor says he will do minor laproscopy and there will be no marks left. He asks Omkar to wait outside. Omkar feels upset and tells Manjiri that he felt he will lose Tara. Manjiri tries to provoke him.

Mayura says Ashutosh that she cannot let Omkar take her happiness again. Ashutosh begs her and tries to convince her not to lose control. Mayura says Omkar will again take her daughter away. Ashutosh says Tara is in critical condition now so Omkar wont take her anywhere. Mayura recalls her moments with Tara and takes a pledge that she will do anything and sacrifice whatever necessary to get back her daughter. Omkar scolds all the bodyguards. He says them that they had to take care of his daughter but they couldn’t even do it. He punishes them to put tyres around their necks and run for 3 hours.


Manjiri comes and informs Omkar that Tara has gained consciousness. Omkar hugs Tara and asks if she is fine. He sees spot on her skin and asks doctor what is this. Doctor says that its just because of injection. Omkar asks Manjiri to do some remedy and make the mark disappear. Later doctor asks Omkar to bring Tara to hospital but Manjiri shouts at him and says to bring all equipments at home. Tara says them that angel mother ie pari ma saved her.

Mayura says Sulekha how Omkar has lied to Tara that her mother is dead and has put lot of restrictions on her. Tara tells Omkar that he should meet her pari ma, she says she is very good and very pretty and has a beautiful mark on her face. Omkar gets shocked and asks what mark. Tara says its a beautiful cut scar. He asks Manjiri if she checked footage at hospital, she says she couldn’t do it. Omkar asks her to take care of Tara and goes somewhere.


Mayura comes to Dr Khanna’s cabin and asks him to listen to her once. Omkar also comes to hospital. Receptionist says him that lady who brought Tara is at Dr Khanna’s cabin. Mayura asks Dr. to help her. Omkar comes to cabin and sees some other lady there. She convinces him that she was one who saved Tara. Dr asks Omkar to let her assistant stay at his home to take care of Tara. Omkar agrees.

Tara is playing with Omkar. Manjiri comes and tries to feed her but she doesn’t want to eat. Then Omkar makes her eat. Mayura comes there in disguise as Dr’s assistant.

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