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Chahat watches Neel and cries thinking that she will never be able to meet him again. She tells him that it will be right for him if she stays away and Vyas ji was right that her presence won’t let him live peacefully. She tells him that Vyas ji loves him a lot and that she has sworn that she will go away forever and never come back. She kisses him on head and gets up but her bracelet gets stuck in his rakhi but thinks that she has to go away to keep Neel alive and that they were destined to be separated. She recalls her good time with him and cries, she then leaves from there.


Neel gains consciousness and looks out for Chahat when she comes there. He feels happy and asks her about Dr Baig but she tells that he has been burried and he is responsible for his death. She says that he will be punished for his death and points a gun at him. He says that she can kill him if she thinks that he deserves death but she points gun at herself and says that his biggest punishment will be to watch his love die in front of him. She shoots and that moment Neel wakes up with a shout and realises that it was a dream. Alka goes to him and tells that he has woken up after 2 days. She gives him medicine but he asks about Chahat but she doesn’t tell him anything.

Alka hesitates to tell him but he angrily gets up and goes around looking for Chahat, he doesn’t find her in the shed and even the wind chime missing with all her belongings. Aalekh comes out and criticizes him for looking out for Chahat even after she has tried to insult Naveli. He hits Aalekh in anger and confronts him about Chahat. Vyas ji holds him and slaps him and screams at him for thinking about the girl who left her in the moment when he was dying. He says that Chahat left him to die as he killed her dad. Alka backs Vyas ji and tells that Chahat has not forgiven him for killing Baig and left him alone when he was dying.


Neel doesn’t believe any of them and thinks that Ghazala has kept Chahat and goes to her house. He breaks into the house while Dadi ammi gets enraged thinking that Neel is coming. The guards try to stop him but he says that he won’t leave until he meets Chahat. A girl tells Chahat that Neel is here while Alka reaches there and frees Neel from the guards. He somehow goes inside the house while Chahat comes there. She tells Neel that he can’t come in her house like this but he asks her to come back with her to his house.

Chahat says that he is no one to her, Neel is confused but Chahat says that he has killed her dad. Neel tries to convince her that he didn’t kill her dad but she doesn’t listen and says that she saw him shoot in front of her. She points gun at him saying that he will be punished, Neel remembers his moments with her and feels broken. Alka sees Chahat pointing gun at him and tries to stop her but she says that the moment he killed her dad her relationship with him got broken. Alka asks her to stop while Neel swears that he didn’t kill Dr Baig but she is bound by her promise made to Vyas ji. She behaves rudely with him and says that she hates him. He says that she is faking this hate and asks her to shoot if she really hates her.


Neel is confident that Chahat won’t be able to shoot him but she tries to make him believe that she hates him. Chahat puts down the gun which makes Neel happy. That moment Ghazala comes and says that Chahat has not shot her because she wants to make him suffer before killing him. She puts a rope around his neck and ties him saying that he took Chahat home like this and today he is going to be dragged the same way in front of the whole village. The guards take Neel away while Ghazala pulls him. Neel tries to make Chahat say that truth but she asks Ghazala to take him away. She feels guilty for doing this but she has to do this for making him hate her. In the market Ghazala asks Chahat to drag Neel and she does that and takes him to Dhyani house. She calls Vyas ji to come out and see his son for the last time. The episode ends.

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