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The episode starts with Saravanan and Sandhya are going in bike discussing about the accident. Saravanan makes sure with Sandhya that she has no pain. Saravanan shares to Sandhya that he ride the bike straightly. According to his knowledge he went correct no vehicles came opposite to him ,Though that car hitted them and left not checking them. Its strange to him. Sandhya replies to him that no one has the vengence on them to hit them intentionally. Saravanan agrees with her.


Sandhya says to him that she is feeling hungry. Saravanan replies to her he too feels the same. Sandhya questions him what if they are waiting for them in the home? Saravanan replies that he can handle this. Sandhya asks him to stop the bike near road side stall. She wishes to eat there from a long. Saravanan nods with her. Saravanan stops the bike there. Sandhya gets excite to eat there and shares it with Saravanan.

Saravanan buys delicious food to Sandhya. He is narrating to Sandhya how to cook it’s all in best way? Sandhya admires the way Saravanan eating the parrota. Sandhya says to him that he is resembling her father. Saravanan teaching her how to eat half boiled. Sandhya is enjoying the food with Saravanan. Both starts moving again. Sandhya says to Saravanan that she is very happy today because, she fulfilled her one of the wish. Saravanan asks her to share her wishes list to him, so he can fulfill it one by one. Suddenly his bike stopped without petrol.


Both Sandhya and Saravanan are walking on road while pushing the bike. Sandhya shares to him that she likes to takes a walk at night. She asks him to buy gulfi for her. She is eating it happily. Saravanan admires her. Sandhya notices some peoples are sleeping on road. She makes them cover with banner. They reaches house.

Both sneaks into their house but Sivagami caughts them red hands. She is lashing out at them for roaming out in untime. She complaints that they went to cinema without informing to her. Saravanan tries to explain her but she deny it. Sivgami scolds them and leaves from there. Saravanan applies oinment to her wounds. She drifts into sleep so he covers her in bedsheet.


Episode end.

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