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The episode starts with Saravanan cooking sweets lost in his thoughts. Customer comes there and return the sweets to him. He starts scolding Saravanan for selling bad-quality sweets to him. Sakkara says to him that he misunderstands them. Sivagami sweets are very famous in that place. Sivagami notices that something is going on in stores. She is watching them. Customer says to him that he brought sweets for his mother in law.

She lashes out at him in it’s poor quality. Saravanan replies to him that he never sell things in poor quality may be it’s not boiled well. Customer says to Saravanan that he can able to take this to court. If it’s happen then they will seal his store. Sivgami and Sandhya are shock to hear it. Saravanan appologizes to him and return the money to him.


Sakkara advises to Saravanan that he might concentrate on his work. He shouldn’t bring his problems to his works spot. Saravanan staring him in confusion. Sakkara alerts him that all sweets are burned. Saravanan hand gets burn while removing it. Sandhya and Sivagami gets worry for him. Sivagami notices Sandhya behinds her. Sandhya appologizes to Sivgami and asks her to forgive Saravanan. Sandhya further ads that all mistakes is hers so forgive Saravanan. She narrates to Sivagami how much pressure is on Saravanan that he can’t able to handle it all. He is mentally disturbed and not concentrating on any works. If he continue doing this then he will end up lossing his work and peace. Sivagami says to her that she is not a big person to forgive him.

Parvathy and Anu are walking on road. Anu asks Paaru to accompany her to kerala. Paaru replies to her it’s not possible. She shares to her that Sandhya is educated one and married to her brother lying. She may be innocent because she is unaware of Saravanan’s education. Her brother played an dirty game with her family, all are in dilemma what to do next? She fears that Sandhya will find out that Paaru failed in exam. She wishes to talk with Vicky. Paaru calls to Vicky number and asks him to meet her unaware he losts his phone. Goons are excite to meet Paaru. Sandhya asks Mayil to teach her cooking. Mayil is teaching to Sandhya. Sandhya starts cooking. Saravanan comes there and enquires her what’s going on? Sandhya replies to him that she learnt all from Mayil. She wishes to do it alone without anyone help. Saravanan says to Sandhya why don’t she ask permission to Sivagami before she is doing anything. She may misunderstand her.


Episode end.

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