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The episode starts with Sandhya is cooking in kitchen. Saravanan going back to his sweets stall. Land line rings there Sandhya picks the call before him. Janani is on call. Sandhya starts talking with her. Saravanan goes to kitchen and helping Sandhya without her knowledge. Janani questions to Sandhya Is everything alright here? Sandhya replies to her that everyone going not well here reasoning Sivagami is still angry on Sandhya and Saravanan. Sandhya says to Janani that she can’t able to see Sivagami treating Saravanan in this way.


After all he lies to Sivagami for Sandhya. Her only intention is to unite Saravanan and Sivagami. Janani appreciates her thought. She advises to Sandhya that she shouldn’t lie to her family hereafter atleast share everything with Saravanan. Mani gets phone from Janani and appologizes to Sandhya. Mani takes all blame on him.

Sandhya says to Mani that she is suffering this much today because of his lies. She mentions him as a selfish person. She comments that he was very selfish from childhoods and never ever be a good brother to her. She warns him to don’t call her again. Sandhya notices Saravanan in kitchen. She asks him to leave from there. Sandhya refuses to take his help reasoning she wants to win Sivagami heart.


Saravanan leaves from there. Vicky and his friend is going in bike. His friend complaints to him that he wants to find out his phone first. Vicky says to him that it’s new phone if his father comes to know it then he will lashes out at him. Anu notices Vicky and stops him. She enquires to Vicky why is he going in this way didn’t he called to Paaru. He deny it. Anu narrates everything to him. Vicky and his friend rushes to there.

Paaru reaches the gudown and feels strange seeing that place. She calls to Vicky but goon picks the call. He pretends like Vicky and tries to convince her. Paaru refuses to go in. Goons surrounds her and tries to misbehave with her. Vicky and his friend reaches there and saves Paaru fighting with them. Vicky appologizes to her. Paaru thanks him and leaves from there.


Sivagami is taking stones from rice. Sivagami’s husband comes there and starts a conversation with her. He starts advising her to leave her anger on Saravanan. He tries to explain her that Saravanan didn’t done a big mistake. He lies for Sandhya. It’s clearly showing how much they are loving each other. He ads that Sivagami must feel proud for Saravanan act. We expect to see he is leading a happy life. If she continuous this act then he will leave this house. Sivagami replies that she don’t care about it. Sandhya is cooking in kitchen. Sivagami stops her doing it and talking with her in sarcasm. Sandhya appologizes to her but Sivagami ignores her.

Episode end.

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