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The episode starts with Sakkarai complaints to Saravanan that he is not active like before. He used to sing a song or whistle during his free time to entertain him. Saravanan stays there silent. Sakkarai enquires to him what happened? Saravanan replies to him that Sandhya is going to cook. Sakkarai says to him that Saravanan already gave training to her so she will cook well.


Saravanan replies to him that Sandhya will do her best but it’s different. She has some time limit to cook that’s why he worries for her. He doubts how she going to cook? Sandhya comes there. Saravanan questions her Is she cook soon? Sandhya says to him that Sivagami came to kitchen and asked her to leave the kitchen. Saravanan says to her that he expected this. Saravanan gets a phone call. Mani talks with Saravanan. Sandhya tries to snatche the phone from Saravanan but he stops her. Sandhya curses Mani for calling Saravanan even after she scold him.

Mani appologizes to Saravanan for everything. Saravanan consoles him. Mani says to Saravanan that he never think his lies will create this much problem in Sandhya’s life. He narrates to Saravanan that he never tries to be a good brother to Sandhya. He never sacrifice anything for her happiness yet. He used to hurt her and betrayed her.


He takes all blames on him. Saravanan appreciates Mani for lying reasoning if he never lies then he fails to hold Sandhya’s hand in his life. Sandhya feels happy. Mani thanks Saravanan for accepting Sandhya. Mani assures to Saravanan he will reach India soon.
Sandhya enquires to Saravanan about the conversation. He assures with her.

Senthil asks the reason of Archana’s happiness. She replies to him that she wishes to go a trip with him. She shares her happiness with him seeing Sandhya’s suffering. Senthil asks Archana to close the shop and go to help his mom in cooking. Archana ignores him and concentrating on sales.


Sakkarai says to Saravanan that he is hungry. Saravanan asks him to take food from home. Sakkarai thinks Sivagami won’t eat without Saravanan but he shocks to see her eating with all. She hurts Sakkarai’a feeling so he leaves without taking the food. Saravanan consoles him and takes one new order. Sivgami watching him through window. Sandhya is staring her.

Episode end.

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