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The episode starts with Sivagami watching Saravanan through window. Sandhya says to Sivagami that she can understands her suffering seeing Saravanan’s misery. She asks Sivagami to leave her anger and forgive Saravanan. Sivgami replies to her she is not capable to forgive him.


Sandhya says to her that all mistakes is hers but don’t punish Saravanan for it. She asks Sivgami to give the lunch to him. Sivagami refuses to do it. Sandhya says to her if she give this lunch to him then everything will be alright. Sivagami asks Sandhya to give it. Sivgami says to her that she was in Saravanan life last 27 years but not anymore.

Sandhya replaces her place in his life. Sandhya replies to her that none can replace a mom place in anyone life even God too. Mom place is always pure and irreplaceable one. Sandhya adds that she is noticing Sivagami daily watching Saravanan often through this window. What’s the need to behave in this manners? Sandhya asks her to leave the anger.


Sivagami says to Sandhya that she is educated one that’s why she is finding everything soon. She can’t able to become like her. She is best partner to Saravanan. Sandhya requests Sivagami to stop complaining about it again, if it’s about money or property she can able to throw it out but it’s education it will accompany her till death. Sivagami asks her to stop disturbing her and leaves from there.

Saravanan notices the water level is high in flour. He asks Sakkarai to cancel the order. Sandhya hears it and feels sad for him. Sakkarai advises him to continue the work don’t create bad name for the shop. Saravanan deny it. Sandhya comes there and scolding Sakkarai instead of Saravanan. She is advising to Saravanan concentrate on order till then she won’t eat anything. Saravanan agrees to do it.


Sandhya is thinking a way to unites Saravanan and Sivagami. Saravanan comes there to collects Almond and drink water. Sandhya brings water to him. He drinks it and questions her where is Almond? Sivagami comes there and informs to him that she used it for cooking. She pays money to him in return. Saravanan and Sandhya are hurts to see it. Sivagami asks Saravanan to pay the rent hereafter reasoning she wants to save money for Parvathy marriage. Saravanan can’t able to concentrate on anything. He asks Sakkarai to cancel the order. Sandhya notices this and smartly brings Sakkarai out of the shop. She wishes to unite Sivagami and Saravanan using this opportunity.

Episode end.

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