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The episode starts with Arjun and Roja are leaving the house. Annapoorna stops them. Arjun asks Annapoorna to stop talking with him. He complaints that she tried to save Anu not showing pity on Roja. She changed a lot nowadays she is behaving worst joining hands with Anu. One day she is going to regret when she is going to learn the truth. Annapoorna assures to him that she will try her best not to happen anything like this again. Arjun complaints it will happen again because Roja is enemy to them.


Arjun says to her that Annapoorna got promise from Kalpana to maintain the unity of the house. Roja is following it after her. But all are trying to get rid of Roja and using her to break the unity of the house. Yasodha says if Arjun leave then Kalpana won’t eat anything. Roja complaints to Yasodha that Kalpana didn’t eat anything. Arjun and Roja didn’t eat anything in these days. This is real love. They hated Roja a lot. Because of her they wished to seperate this family. They created these problems all to get rid of Roja. Yasodha and Anu filled poison in Annapoorna heart and turned her against this family.

Annapoorna replies to her she is not a kid to listen all. Annapoorna says to Arjun she is ready to fall on Roja’s feet. Roja stops her.


Roja says to Kalpana that she didn’t talked with Roja after Aswin left the house. Roja tells her she got enough if she stays here they will seperate her forever. Roja assures to her that she will never forget her love till she closes her eyes. She is just leaving this house not cutting her relationship with her. Roja says to her she don’t wanna give hard time to Kalpana anymore. Kalpana pleads her don’t go anywhere. She done mistake in Aswin absence. She pleads with her. Roja and Arjun tries to leave. Kalpana says to them that she knew how to bring them back here? If she dies they will come back to see her. Arjun and Roja stops her. Arjun says to Kalpana she is everything for her. Kalpana gets promise from them don’t go anywhere leaving her behind. Arjun and Roja promises to her. Annapoorna too cries seeing her state.

Arjun notices Roja is getting ready. Arjun says to her that he is feeling good after proving Roja’s innocence to all. Roja too nods with him. Arjun says to her that he made Annapoorna understand about Roja. Roja thank him for trusting her when everyone tried to punish her. He remembers their first meeting. Roja shares to Arjun that she wants to be in his shadow till her end its her only wish. Arjun replies to her his wish also same.


Roja and Arjun are spending some quality time with each other romantically. Kalpana brings food for Roja. She says to her that she wishes to feed Roja. Roja returns the land papers to Kalpana but she refuses to accept it reasoning this papers created big problems inbetween them. Roja informs to her that she registered it on Kalpana name. Roja says to her if its in Kalpana’s name then no one create problems here. Kalpana asks Arjun to use it for Ashramam. Roja asks Kalpana to register it on Aswin name then his all problems will be solve they can bring back Aswin to home. Roja informs to her even Arjun didn’t eat anything. Kalpana tells her that Arjun loves his wife and mom equally. She asks them to give grand daughter to her. Kalpana refuses to accept the land paper.

Kalpana says to Roja all are behind money. If one poor son’s father get chest pain he will call to doctor. If rich ones get it he will call the lawyer. She don’t want these all so she refuses to accept it. Kalpana starts feed to Roja and Arjun.

Episode end.


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