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Roja 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purushothaman is reading the newspaper. Aswin brings tea to him but its fall on him. Purushothaman asks him to clean it soon. Aswin is cleaning the floor, Kalpana, Arjun and Roja comes there. Arjun questions Aswin why did he doing this all? Kalpana tries to do it but Roja stops her.


Aswin insults Roja’s care on him. Kalpana informs to Aswin that she wants to say the truth to him. Aswin excuses to Purushothaman. Kalpana calls Aswin to come back to house. Aswin refuses to go with her. Kalpana tries to explain to Aswin everything. Aswin says to her that Anu is still living in that house even Roja is behaving like her. Kalpana asks Arjun to say all the truth to him. Arjun narrates to Aswin that Anu stoled the property papers and used Njanavelu to trap Roja. Arjun says to Aswin that Anu changes Annapoorna too.

Annapoorna supporting Anu beacuse she is thinking her as her grand daughter. Roja says to Aswin that she never think like him as her brother in law but her son. She will pray for him in all situation. Pooja appologizes to Roja for misunderstanding her and threw words to her. Aswin appologizes to Roja and says to her that she done many prayer for him though he misunderstood her. He was in critical situation so he can’t able to take any decision in that situation. He asks Roja to forgive him and punish him.


Aswin holds Roja hand and beating him. Arjun stops Roja and beating him. Roja questions him how could he beat her brother? Kalpana asks Arjun to register the property on Aswin name then only Purushothaman will agree to arrange their marriage. Kalpana asks Aswin to stop this drama and come with them. Aswin refuses to go with them reasoning its good oppurtunity to win over Purushothaman heart. He is giving 60rs daily. He feels confident after receiving it. Arjun too supports Aswin. He asks him to complete the work soon and come back to house with Pooja. Aswin nods to him. Kalpana and Arjun bids bye to him and leaves.

In jail Santhamoorthy feels his heart is aching. He is getting illusion to Anu and Sakshi threatening him. He remembers Anu threatening him in the name of Ashramam people. He faints. Someone shouts for help seeing his state. Jailer brings Inspector there. He splashes water on his face. Santhamoorthy asks the Inspector to bring Arjun there. He wants to talk with him urgent. If he don’t meet him then the truth will also die with him so he wants to share the truth to him before itself.


Inspector informs to him that he want to do some procedures to bring him here. He asks him to call Arjun soon before he close his eyes. Arjun is driving his car. Inspector calls to Arjun. Ravi informs to Arjun that Santhamoorthy falls sick. Doctor is checking him but Santhamoorthy asked him to meet Arjun reasoning he wants to share one truth to him. Arjun nods to him.

Roja is working in kitchen. She gets illusion of Arjun face resembling in all things. She starts to laugh loudly. Kalpana questions Roja what’s the matter? Roja replies to her that she remembered the first meeting with Arjun. Kalpana asks Roja to share it with her. Roja narrates to Kalpana that she met him in emergency. Arjun gave lift to Roja but she started scolding him unaware of his presence. She narrates rest of the story to her. Arjun reaches to jail and meet Santhamoorthy. He says to Arjun that he was sick so he wants to share one important thing to him. He starts to cry infront of Arjun reasoning he betrayed Roja. Roja is Tiger Manickam’s daughter.

Episode end.


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