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The episode starts with Kalpana says to Annapoorna that she can beat her or scold her but don’t say anything to Roja. Kalpana says to her that Arjun will get angry on her. Annapoorna says to her that she don’t have fear on him. Anu says to Kalpana that her father is going to register all properties on her name so Roja has status to stand near her. Roja holds Anu’s hand tighter and warns her to don’t dare to raise her dirty tongue against Kalpana. She is acting silent for the family so don’t ever think she is coward. Kalpana is serving to all. Roja pouts seeing it all.


Manickam asks Kalpana to join with them but she refuses it. Manickam tastes the Kesari and biriyani then praises it taste. Annapoorna lies to him that Anu cooked this all. Annapoorna adds that Anu learned all cooking now itself. Manickam says to Annapoorna that Biriyani tastes is similar to Shenbagam’s handmade biriyani. Manickam again questions her but Annapoorna lies to him that Anu cooked it all. Manickam asks Kalpana to say about Anu’s cooking she stays there in silent. Manickam starts cough Roja brings water to him. Manickam pushes the water down. Manickam stops eating the food and gets up from the place. Annapoorna gets angry on Roja and slaps her. Kalpana gets angry on Annapoorna and shouts on her for slapping her.

Kalpana questions Annapoorna why did she lied to Manickam that Anu cooked this all? Anu don’t know cooking at all though all are lying for her. Kalpana informs to Manickam that Roja didn’t do anything wrong. She tried to help him for that she slapped her. Kalpana adds that Annapoorna keeps hurting her. Manicka asks them to stop arguing for him. Annapoorna appologizes to Manickam for lying. She gives a reason to him that she did it because he won’t eat Roja’s food.


Manickam says that whatever Roja touching will turns out be poison. Arjun reaches there and thinks Manickam is here to meet his daughter its an good time to share the truth. Manickam shouts on Roja for coming infront of him. He says that its better to die instead of drinking water from Roja’s hand. Arjun questions Roja what happened here? Manickam complaints to Arjun that Roja is jealous of Anu. She is not allowing Anu to live in this house.

Arjun questions Manick Is he sure about Anu is his daughter? Manickam replies to him that he took DNA test with Anu so he is confident that Anu is his daughter. Arjun replies to him that he will prove it to him. Yasodha says to Arjun that he is insulting Manickam always. He is here to inform all that coming 20th Anu’s birthday is coming. Arjun says its wrong. Because Roja’s birthday is also same day. Manickam says to him that he is imagine a lot. Roja has no identity at all. Arjun challenges Manickam that he will prove it to all whose birthday is coming at 20th. Manickam teases him that Arjun not getting enough even after lossed to him always. Arjun warns to Annapoorna and Manickam that . are going to regret for hurting Roja. He hugs Roja and consoling her.


Roja is thinking about the incidents and feels emotional. Arjun comes there Roja gets scared. He questions her why is she looking dull? Roja says to him that none ate properly. Roja complaints to Arjun that she can’t able to see them suffering. She used to call Manickam as dad. He has no problems with it even Annapoorna agree with it but Anu asked him to stop doing it all. Roja shares to Arjun that she always feeling connected with Manickam. Arjun thinks he is her real father. Arjun says to Roja she has father.

Episode end.

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