Sargam 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Sargam m’s bonding with all the men in the house – “”

Sargam 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with few guys of Awasthi nivas helping Dhaddhu to help with his motion sickness. Everyone waits in queue in the house to enter bathroom. Dhaddhu is still struggling and not coming out of the bathroom and everyone tries their best to help him. Finally Dhaddhu comes out and everyone sighs in relief. Another person enters in. On the other hand, Sargam is helping a boy to get ready for school. The girl asks Aloki about Akki’s shirt. Asha shows a shirt to her which was washed by him. Sargam complains that the shirt is not washed well and there is still dirt in the collar. Asha cooks up some excuse and gives another shirt to her. That is also not washed well and Akki gives idea to wear normal dress to school saying that it’s his birthday today. He asks Sargam for some toffees and Sargam agrees. She sends of Akki to school and rants that he’s celebrating at least 4 birthdays per years.


Appu assembles in dining table and finds only Poha for breakfast. He complains that there’s no paratha but Sargam says that she can’t handle so many works at same time and asks him to adjust for the day. Everyone comes one after another and complains about Poha without Paratha and Sargam gets fed up. Aasha taunts Sargam for her poor house management skills. It is revealed that Dhadhu is faking to be a wheel chair bound person and he can walk well. Bapu comes there and stays that none can handle the house if not Sargam. He scolds Aasha for complaining about Sargam when she’s taking care of his kid after his divorce. He says that she’s single handedly managing all the household works and asks them not to complain as they themselves is not perfect. Aastha demands a change in authority and decides to compete against Sargam in the department of House management. Sargam says that Appu will compete instead of her and everyone agrees. Bapu announces that the voting will be held the next day and whoever wins the election will run the house.

Appu is crying to Sargam that he doesn’t know anything about running house and only she can do that. Sargam says that she was doing it for four years and needs a break. She complains about everyone depending on her and assures that she’ll help him if he wins. Both Aasha and Appu announces their sides of advantages the house members will get if they wins the elections. Next day, everyone votes and Aloki counts the votes. He announces that Appu has zero votes. Sargam gets happy and says that it means Aasha is the winner. Aloki denies and says that Aasha got only one vote and everyone gets confused. Aloki reveals that everyone voted only Sargam’s name.


Sargam leaves upset while everyone tries consoling her. Dadhu says that no one can handle them as well as she could. She says that she may not be perfect but ni one here needs perfection. Baapu says that it’s only who could manage the whole household. Dhaddhu says that this lockdown proved how much hardwork women put to run a house and every man witnessed it. Everyone reveals that they all voted for her as she’s the only one who is like their mother. Aasha too reveals that he voted for Sargam only. They all wonder who voted for Aasha then. Sargam admits that it’s her and expresses how blessed she’s to have all this seven loving people in her life. She says seven is a very important part of her life. As Appu proposed at 7 ‘o clock and they dated for 7 months before marrying. She’s very happy having them in her life. Akki comes home and asks Sargam to prepare something in 10 minutes. Sargam says Poha and everyone gets shocked.

Precap : Baapu ji asks the second son to get married if Appu and Sargam doesn’t fight for a whole week. The other brothers tries their best to create problems between them.


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