Sargam ke Sade Sati 15th March 2021 Written Update: Sargam gets doubtful of a new maid. – “”

Sargam ke Sade Sati 15th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aasha arguing with vegetable seller for mistaking her to be servant. Sargam asks him to leave it but Aasha is still furious. Appu learns about it too and everyone gets angry. Aasthik says that he isn’t wrong as she’s the one who does all the work. Everyone realize their mistake and feel guilty. Appu says Sargam that she doesn’t need to do any work as he will hire a maid in the house. Everyone laughs hearing it. They are sure Chedhilal will never accept it and leaves.


Appu goes to Chedhilal and pacifies him to keep a maid. Chedhilal gets shocked hearing it and Appu says Sargam needs a maid. Chedhilal enquires Sargam directly but she denies it. Appu asks if she never thought even once in her life that she wished to have a maid. Sargam says she can’t promise that she never wished for it. She says she couldn’t help Akki with his studies due to work overload.

 Alokik says that if he doesn’t study well he himself will grow up to be a maid. He says its better to have a maid instead. Chedhilal asks others opinion and Aasthik wishes for male maid but Appu shuts him. Chedhilal says that they can hire a maid but needs to adjust it with monthly budget. They wonder how is it possible. Chedhilal asks them to cut short food and clothes and Appu agrees. Dhadhu asks who would agree to work in the circus. Appu says he will manage.


Chedhilal gets everyone ready as poor people so that the maids doesn’t keep high expectations. They conduct interview and all the maids insults them hearing the pay as two thousand. Appu asks him to at least keep it as 5000. A girl enters and she introduces herself as Guddi. Sargam enquires Guddi and Guddi impresses everyone. Sargam asks if 5000 is OK and she agrees. Chedhilal asks if she can agree for 4500 and she agrees for it too. He wants to hire with even lesser money and asks if 4000 is fine and she agrees for it too. Chedhilal is about to reduce more but Appu stops him. Guddi leaves to do her work but Sargam gets doubtful.

Sargam says Chedhilal about her suspicions on Guddi. Sargam shares the same with Alokik and Alokik’s words increases their doubts. Guddi does all the work of the house and everyone feels satisfied. Sargam keeps an eye on Guddi. Chedhilal and Sargam decides to test on Guddi. He drops money on floor to check her loyalty. They hide seeing her but sees both Guddi and money missing. Soon they find Dhadhu giving the money to Eklavya to buy snacks for him. They both gets irked.


Aasha finds someone parked their cycle along with pinky’s scooty near their house. He shouts at his neighbour who says that it was Pinky who said to park there. He fights with him. Guddi comes in support of Aasha and creates a ruckus. Aasha feels happy with her support. Guddi is buying vegetables when she finds an Inspector coming in his vehicle and hides immediately. She hides seeing him and Sargam spots her.

Precap : Sargam sees Guddi reading some note and wonders whether she’s planning something. Awasthis hides and finds few people entering the house.

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