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Sargam Ki Sade Sati 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chedhilal saying Sargam about his fear on losing the shop. Sargam consoles him and assures that he will overcome it. Chedhilal dreams of selling sarees and other things on street. He gets scared. Sargam dreams of aasha beating the officer black and blue instead of apologising. They both gets scared. Eklavya proposes Sakshi in his dream.


Sargam manages the situation and leaves the place. Aasha quarrels with Pinky for spoiling their wall with her scooter. Pinky complains to Sargam about Aasha. She says that she wonders how Seema lived with him. Sargam and everyone wonders to control Aasha’s anger. Sargam says the family that Aasha is dealing with his anger and Pinky will now check his endurance. Pinky parks the scooter near their house and irritates him. Aasha gets irritated but Sargam asks him to control. Aasha says that he doesn’t have any problem. Once she’s gone he tries hitting the scooter but Sargam stops him. He controls himself.

Sargam carries with the next test. She explains Aasha that Eklavya and Appu will enact as Baburam and his wife. She says that they will irritate him as much as they want but he shouldn’t react. They start acting. Aasha apologizes but Appu demands it in loud voice. He apologizes again while Eklavya demands him to bow his head. He even bows his head and finally they insult him talking about Seema leaving Aasha.


Aasha gets anger at start and Sargam controls him. Aasha controls himself and apologizes again. The whole family gets happy and enjoy that Aasha is controlling himself. Appu praises Sargam for her book. Later Aasha is dancing to song with a peaceful mind. By mistake he breaks a lantern. Chedhilal gets angry at him for always being a problem. All the calmness in Aasha leaves once he started shouting. He argues back.

 Sargam tries calming him but he shouts at her and leaves. Sargam gets upset that all her efforts are in vain. Aasha says that he will not let that happen. He will apologize not for anyone but for her efforts. Everyone gets happy.


Aasha apologizes Baburam but he still gets angry and badmouths him. Aasha too argues back and denies bowing down. They keep arguing when Chedhilal gets unconscious. Sargam comes there to resolve the fight when his wife notices the book in her hand. She says the book was written by her father but only one copy was sold out of the whole stock. She asks if she bought it and Sargam says yes. His wife gets happy and stops the bulldozer.

Sargam apologizes while his wife apologizes back. Another customer asks Aasha about her saree falls but he gets angry at her too. They both argue. His wife asks them to repeat from chapter 1 exercise if it doesn’t work out.

Precap : Aasthik gets kidnapped by his own brother and demands money from Chedhilal.


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