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The episode starts with Indhumathi informs to Prabhu that all silvers are missing in her room. Veerasingham questions Anitha why did she steal it alone without informing to him? Anitha replies to him that she didn’t take it. He says to her that he can able to start two businesses in this cash. Prabhu questions her where did it go? Indhumathi replies to him that she has no idea about it. Indhumathi questions Indhumathi where is the silver? Anitha replies to her she didn’t take it why did she asking her? Indhumathi complained to her that Anitha and Veerasingham are used to do such things. Except for them, none will do such things in that house. Anitha questions her why is she blaming her for everything? Is she look like a thief to her?


Indhumathi replies to her that Anitha did anything in this house. Comparing to that she is the only one in suspecting list. Anitha says to her again and again that she didn’t take that. Indhumathi gives a warning to Anitha if she doesn’t give it back to her then she will give a complaint against her in the police station. Veerasingham asks Anitha to give back the silver to her. Indhumathi says to Anitha even Veerasingham accepts his mistake so give it back. Veerasingham says to Indhumathi that Anitha stole it without his knowledge. He asks Anitha to give it. Anitha scolds him for blaming her.

Indhumathi says to Anitha she already got punishment after married to Veerasingham. Don’t play with god things then she will get more punishments. Anitha again stands in her point that she didn’t take it. Indhumathi about to slap her Sathya stops her. She brings the silver there. She informs to Indhumathi that she placed it in her room for its safety. Indhumathi says to her she didn’t inform to her about it. Anitha complained to Indhumathi that she lashes out at Anitha in doubt then why did she talking cheesy with Sathya. She took it without her permission so she must scold her the way she did to Anitha.


Indhumathi questions Sathya why did she shift it to her room? Sathya replies to her that she wished to keep it safe or else some thief will steal it. Anitha asks Indhumathi to question Sathya who is she mentioning as a thief? Sathya gives a fitting reply to her that she mentioned thief. Prabhu and Indhumathi appreciate her idea. Indhumathi calls Nirmala and all are leaving from there. One cat is crossing them. Anitha takes it as a bad omen.

Sathya says to Anitha that Cat is hungry that’s why its running like that so don’t take this incident as bad omen. Sathya asks Selvi to feed that cat. Everyone comes near car and about to get in one lady questions Sathya where is she going? Sathya replies to her that she is going to temple. Anitha complaints to Sathya that she has no sense. Its not good someone questioning them where is she going in such situation. Sathya sighs and asks Anitha to stop thinking such extreme.


Everyone reaches to temple. Anitha says to Indhumathi that they can buy things from inside temple. Sathya notices one widow selling flowers in the entrance. Anitha complaints that widow has no sense that’s why selling flowers in temple to share her misfortune for others too. Sathya dislikes it and mentions Anitha as mental. She clears to her that lady didn’t commit any sin so stop thinking her in that way. Sathya says to Indhumathi clearly that she is going to buy things from her orelse she won’t come inside the temple.

Indhumathi convinces Sathya and takes her inside. Sathya walks away using the praying time. Indhumathi gets nervous when Sathys is not there. Anitha teases Indhumathi for treating Sathya like kid. Sathya comes there and informs to Indhumathi that she went to check everything for Annadhanam. Indhumathi takes Sathya to thulabharam place. Sathya sits in the thulabaram. Indhumathi places Silver in it. Though its not coming down. Anitha blames that Sathya has no faith in god that’s why god is not ready to accept it. Prabhu replies to her that according to god there is only two peoples one is good another one is bad. Sathya is very good by her heart. One saint informs to them that Prabhu wants to sacrifice something for her. Prabhu places the silver locket in it which he wore for his safety.

Episode end.


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