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Sathya 4th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu says to Sathya that he wants to share what’s on his mind too. She is in his heart. She entered into his heart already. He wants to live with her life long. Sathya asks him to say those words to her. She wants to hear it from his mouth. She craves to listen those words from him long. If she hears it then she will feel her life is complete. Prabhu says I Love you to Sathya. Sathya feels like floating in air. Sathya’s happiness having no bounds. Sathya expresses her happiness to him. Back ground song plays. Sathya and Prabhu are dancing for the song. They are roaming around the kodaikanal together. They are having beautiful moments with each other. They are purchasing lots of things. Eating corn and gulfi. Sathya, Prabhu and Sasi are dancing together near camp fire.


Selvi reaches to home tiredly. Selvi’s mom stares her from top to bottom. She questions to Selvi why did she looking like this? What happened to her? Where were she yesterday? Selvi stares back her mom in guilt. Selvi narrates to her Saravana betrayel towards her. She reminds how did he do Angapradarshanam for her. He gifted her new sarie to her. He ate tasteless food. He tried to commit suicide for her. The way he lied to her as car break down and taken her to resort. Even after she refused to drink milk he forced her to drink it and misused her. Selvi mom starts to cry seeing her daughter state? She complaints that she ruined their family name. Selvi starts feeling dizzy and faints down. Selvi’s mom gets shock to see it and tries to wake her up. She notices the saliva coming out of her mouth. She informs to the neighbours that Selvi drank Poison. They takes her to hospital and admits her there. Doctor is checking her.

Sathya and Prabhu are walking on bridge. Sathya asks to Prabhu when did he painted that painting? Isn’t the real one burnt in fire? Prabhu replies to her that its not just a painting for him. He thinks its as his life so that drawing is printed in his heart that’s why he draw it for her. He says to her that he like her so much. Sathya smiles happily. He asks to her why didn’t she said she sang that song? Sathya replies to him that Prabhu asked her to don’t sing. He even thought she don’t know how to sing. Prabhu replies to her that he was suprised when did he heard that song. His favourite voice owned by Sathya. What else he need then this. Sathya says to him doesn’t that priest said to them. Everything happening for a reason. Prabhu agrees with her. Prabhu mentions to her I Love you and wishes to hear the same from Sathya. She teases him and mentions it back to him. Selvi is shown getting treatment. Her mom is crying outside bitterly. She is enquiring to nurse about her state but she is not replying to her.


Indhumathi calls to Sathya and enquires about her well about? Sathya replies to her that all are doing good here. Sathya informs to Indhumathi that Prabhu proposed her here. Not only this but also he gifted her that painting. Indhumathi happiness having no bounds. She expresses her happiness to her. Sathya adds to her that they planned to celebrate their honeymoon here. Indhumathi wishes best of luck to her. Sathya blushes and disconnect the call. Selvi’s mom enquires to doctor about her state? Doctor replies to her that she tried her best. Its tough to get recover from this state.

Episode end.


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